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White Florida drunk driving suspect becomes pariah after telling black officer the KKK will find him

Julie Edwards KKK
Julie Edwards KKK. Image via Facebook.
Julie Edwards KKK
Julie Edwards KKK. Image via Facebook.

Julie Edwards KKK: Florida woman caught on video threatening black arresting officer after DUI breach that the Ku Klux Klan will come after him. 

A white woman suspected of drunk driving in Florida threatened a black deputy during a traffic stop — telling the officer he ‘f–ked with the wrong white people’ and that the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) will find him. 

In released video (see below), Julie Edwards, 53 of Crescent City is filmed talking to a Volusia County sheriff’s deputy after being stopped while trying to back up her Lexus at a home in DeLand after a ‘disturbance’ was reported there late Thursday.

Deputy Brandon King, who is black, responded to the scene only to find Edwards slurring her words with the woman reeking of alcohol, according to an arrest report obtained by the Miami Herald.

At the beginning of the video, King is heard disputing ever having ‘done nothing’ and remonstrating that she will become rich after suing the police officer. It isn’t until the 33 second mark below that Edwards makes her ominous threats to Deputy King.

Julie Edwards KKK video: ‘I won’t find you, somebody else will’

‘I won’t find you, somebody else will,’ Edwards told King, police bodycam video released Tuesday by the sheriff’s office shows.

‘You making a threat to a law enforcement officer?’ King responds.

‘No, I didn’t say that,’ Edwards responds.

‘So what do you mean you’ll find me one day?’ King asked.

‘I didn’t say I’d find you, I said somebody else will,’ Edwards said. ‘I won’t find you. The KKK people will.’

‘All right, thank you for that threat,’ King continued. ‘I’ll add that charge in here, too.’

Edwards then tried to claim she wasn’t talking specifically about King, according to the video, which was condemned as ‘racist garbage’ by Sheriff Michael Chitwood.

‘I didn’t say it about you, I said they know people like you,’ Edwards continued. ‘I didn’t say you … Hey, ain’t a damn thing wrong with a burning cross in your yard, is there?’

Edwards then said King ‘f–ked with the wrong white people,’ insisting that he made a mistake by pulling her over and even threatening the deputy’s family.

‘Hope you don’t have no kids,’ Edwards said. ‘You know what’s going to happen to you now? You don’t want to know. You’re done, you’re fucked. They’re gonna hurt you bad.’

Edwards accused King of laughing at her, but the 2-minute video doesn’t support that claim. She again referenced the Ku Klux Klan as the deputy drove away from the scene.

‘KKK’s got your ass, boy,’ Edwards said. ‘Burn your ass.’

Julie Edwards KKK
Julie Edwards KKK

Julie Edwards KKK: ‘No expiration date on ignorance’.

Chitwood praised King for keeping a cool head during the encounter with Edwards.

‘Watch this if you need any more proof there’s no expiration date on ignorance,’ Chitwood posted Tuesday on Twitter -highlighting the unwavering degree of belligerent and deep rooted racism that supplants the US. 

‘Before you go on a racist rant, just remember we have body cams.’ Chitwood reiterated.

Edwards is now facing charges of resisting an officer without violence, driving under the influence, making a threat against a law enforcement officer and refusing to submit for testing. 

Of note, Julie Edwards- who according to her Facebook page describes herself as self employed-  is known to law enforcement in Volusia County, Florida. According to records with the Volusia County Clerk of Circuit Court, she has several prior arrests and charges -including misdemeanor domestic battery and felony battery against an officer- as described in detail by heavy.com.

Edwards was no longer in custody as of Wednesday according to jail records.