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Complicit in murder? Patrick Frazee lover i’d as divorced mom of two who disposed of missing fiancé’s phone

Krystal Lee
Pictured, Krystal Lee, missing woman, Kelsey Berreth and her fiance, Patrick Frazee.
Krystal Lee
Pictured, Krystal Lee, missing woman, Kelsey Berreth and her fiance, Patrick Frazee.

Krystal Jean Lee (Kennedy) is identified as the woman who indicted Colorado man, Patrick Frazee had been seeing leading up to his fiance, Kelsey Berreth’s disappearance on Thanksgiving day. Is she complicit in murder? 

A divorced mother of two has been identified as the nurse who allegedly disposed of a missing Woodland ParkColorado mom of one’s cellphone. The missing mom, believed to be dead is thought to have become ensnared in the clandestine relationship her fiance and father of her one year old was having with the divorced mom.

Krystal Jean Lee, 32, of Twin Falls, Idaho, is believed to be the lover of Patrick Frazee since charged with suspicion of murder of his fiance, Kelsey Berreth – has now become the center of the investigation in the search of Berreth’s presumed disposed body.

While Lee has not been formally identified as the woman who Frazee was having an affair with- sources now confirm that she is the woman who Berreth’s fiance had been seeing in recent months- prior to Berreth’s abrupt disappearance on Thanksgiving Day.

Not immediately understood is whether Berreth ever becoming aware of her fiance’s relationship with the divorced mom and to what degree the ‘relationship’ was a clandestine one. 

Of note, Lee has not been publicly accused of anything, nor is she under arrest.

A report via ABC News earlier in the week confirmed the Idaho nurse as a person of interest who disposed of Berreth’s phone days after she’d last been seen alive. How or why she came to dispose of Berreth’s phone was not revealed. 

The dailymail over the weekend identified the woman as Lee- who works as a  pre-op nurse at the St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls. Lee- a former rodeo queen has now been placed on a leave of absence, the hospital confirms.

Krystal Lee
Pictured, Krystal Jean Lee. Image via Facebook.

Krystal Lee a former rodeo queen confirmed to have been having affair with missing Colorado woman’s fiancee: 

Online records indicate Lee being born Krystal Kenney and marrying rancher Chad Lee in October 2010. After having two children the marriage ended in divorce in June 2016, according to court records.

During their marriage, the couple lived in an isolated six-bedroom farmhouse overlooking a canyon in Kimberly, Idaho, seven miles east of Twin Falls. ‘No Trespassing’ notices were posted at the house on Thursday.

DailyMail.com reported speaking with two people who know Lee professionally, with both saying they had been told that Frazee was having an affair with her. The couple had met at a rodeo after first reaching out online. 

Police believe Frazee murdered the mother of his child at their home in Woodland Park, Colorado, around Thanksgiving, but they have still not located her remains. Woodland Park is a 12½-hour drive from Twin Falls.

Berreth’s cell phone ‘pinged’ off a tower in Idaho’s rural Gooding County, just north of Twin Falls, three days after she was last seen. Police believe that Lee had visited Frazee for the holiday at his home in Florissant, Colorado.

Berreth’s mother Cheryl first reported her missing on December 2.

Frazee, 30, and Berreth, 29, have a one-year-old daughter, Kaylee, who is now the subject of a custody battle between the former couple’s two sets of parents. 

A judge ruled that the maternal grandparents should have custody for now, despite a motion from Frazee’s mother Sheila that she should live with her at the home she shared with her son. 

Patrick Frazee and Kelsey Berreth
Patrick Frazee and Kelsey Berreth

Is Krystal Lee complicit in Kelsey Berreth’s disappearance-murder?

While police believe Frazee is instrumental in Berreth’s disappearance, Tamra Freeman, a friend of Frazee’s, says she still has faith that the fiance may be innocent. She told CNN that he felt ‘railroaded’ by police investigating the case, who he claimed were only focused on him.

‘I still refuse to believe that he’s done this until I see the evidence,’ said Freeman, who claims Frazee told her his relationship with Berreth ended over a year ago and their only contact regarded Kaylee.

Of question is to what degree, if any, Krystal Lee may have been involved in the disappearance-death of Frazee’s fiancee. Also not understood is whether both women knew of each other and whether animosity may have existed between them and how that may have forced Frazee’s hand?

Frazee appeared in court in Teller County, Colorado on Friday for the third time this week. CNN reported Frazee being charged with two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of solicitation of first-degree murder on New Year’s Eve.

Filed court documents indicated Frazee plotting the murder of Berreth for close to three months. A judge set a preliminary hearing for February. Frazee is being held in custody without bond. 

The three first degree counts of solicitation to commit murder all state that ‘between and including September 1, 2018 and November 1,2018, Patrick Frazee unlawfully and feloniously commanded, induced, entreated, or otherwise attempted to persuade another person to commit the felony of murder in the first degree.’

That would have been just a few months after Berreth purchased a home in Woodland Park for herself and her daughter.

She spent $184,900 on a two-bedroom property about 15 miles away from the 35-acre ranch where Frazee lived with his mother.

That home is where authorities believe Berreth was murdered on or around November 22.

Berreth was last seen at a Safeway store in Woodland Park on Thanksgiving. 

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Krystal Lee
Krystal Lee