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Tips on managing your Instagram in 20 minutes daily

managing your Instagram
managing your Instagram
managing your Instagram
Managing your Instagram requires a well thought out plan. Stock image.

Managing your Instagram: Why you’re not getting the reach and following you ought to. Integrating social media platforms strategically is a winner take all strategy. 

If you are a business, then you know social media marketing is at the top of the priority list. However, you may use a number of posting content methods in different circumstances, but they do not seem to work the way you want. Furthermore, you might have several accounts on other social media platforms-  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on, in addition to a newsletter.

When you are trying to manage all these accounts and juggle managing your own business, it seems more like a headache because of how overwhelming it is. In addition, you may not even have the backing of everyone around you because they are not convinced that marketing your enterprise on Instagram will deliver positive results. The good news is that you can learn to manage the high demands of the job, by using some simple tips, and they will help you manage the ride efficiently.

As much as putting aside a lot of time is beneficial for maximizing your reach, much more than buying daily Instagram views- get them fast after video uploads, for instance, it is a hard sell for many people. If you find yourself in such a situation, this article will be useful for you.

managing your Instagram
Managing your Instagram: figuring out what you’re going to share and more importantly to who.

The quick way

Planning your content spreads – three minutes

The worst thing to do when you are on Instagram is be inconsistent with your posts- in fact, that is the major reason why many accounts do not grow. You cannot post once every two weeks and expect to find your followers still hanging on. This makes it necessary to have a content calendar for Instagram, to act as reminders that you need to post at certain times.

If your calendar does not have a set schedule, you can start by setting a list of the ideas you want to explore through your Instagram posts, and set them over a short period lie one or two weeks. They may be posts you have already done, or those you want to do.

In addition, begin to consider the hashtags and captions that can work well for every post. The updates to Instagram mean that captions are everything; they mean a world of difference whether your post gets the reach you want or not. It is also important to think about whether these posts and their captions will work well on your other social media networks, or whether they will perform well if you embed them on your website or blog.

All this planning may seem tedious, but it will make a major difference when it comes to posting your content. You will know what to do in advance, and you will not be stressed out while doing it.

Edits and posts – four minutes

managing your Instagram
Managing your Instagram and smart editing tricks.

This is the basic essence of what Instagram is about, and these posts will help you to create a distinct identity of your brand – a purely visual one. This is why the images and videos you share must be of the best quality, as you want to present an appealing image of your business to the community.

The good news is that Instagram itself knows images must look good, so it does come with its own set of filters and editing tools. When you are done, you can also share easily to your other social media networks and tag other users, so it increases the overall reach of your posts.

If you want additional filters, there are plenty of mobile apps that do the job, and this can be very handy when you want to edit a bulk of photos in advance and share them later. When posting, you will only need to figure out the caption and hashtags to use (which you already figured out in the planning stage), and then you will be good.

Engaging with users – ten minute

managing your Instagram
Managing your Instagram” Are you ready to engage with users?

At least half of the time you spend on the site should be devoted to engaging with your followers and other users. Therefore, if you have twenty minutes every day, spend at least ten on increasing your engagement.

This includes commenting and liking other people’s posts, including Instagram stories, photos and videos. This is also a very easy and efficient way of getting new followers, and make your own community strong.

In addition, if you are not sure of how you should engage, take the time to thank your followers when they comment, share or like your posts, and also tell jokes and ask questions. The Instagram Quiz Sticker is also a fun and novel way to interact with your audience. This will affirm to them that you do not just see them as a means of earning you money – you see them as human beings who are worth spending time with. That emotional connection will always go a long way.

When they see that a brand is commenting on their posts, it can be very exciting for them, and also reminds them that there is a real person running the account. The followers will then transform into advocates of your brand, which makes them want to promote your brand more consistently and create a lot of buzz around you.

You can use the Explore tab to also find new users in your niche, and also like and comment on their posts as well. You may even be shocked at their rate of following you back, at least once they see you are willing to engage with them.

Monitoring hashtags – three minutes

managing your Instagram
Managing your Instagram: monitoring hash-tags and other communities and voices.

The remaining time can be used in tracking the different hashtags and communities within the niche of your business. It will also help you learn about your competitors and target audience.

For instance, you can learn about the things they like sharing, what hashtags they enjoy using, their style of writing comments and captions, and the photos they like sharing. You will then use this information to guide your own strategies of content sharing, which appeals to them.

Final thoughts

The more social media accounts you have, the trickier it becomes to maintain them all. Luckily, you can do it as long as you have a set strategy in place, as this will help you regulate your content sharing and engage with others productively.