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Pregnant reality star found dead from cocaine overdose on Bronx street celebrating birthday

 Lyric McHenry
Pictured,  Lyric McHenry and EJ Johnson. Image via Instagram.
 Lyric McHenry
Pictured,  Lyric McHenry and EJ Johnson. Image via Instagram.

Lyric McHenry cocaine overdose death: Reality star found abandoned on Bronx road with no pants. Had been celebrating birthday leading up to death.

A pregnant reality and TV producer has died after being found along the Bronx’s Deegan Highway in a suspected drug overdose.

Found along a desolate stretch of road was 26 year old burgeoning ‘reality’ personality, Lyric McHenry, perhaps best known for being best friends with ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,’ reality star and Magic Johnson’s son EJ Johnson.

The nydailynews reported McHenry being found unconscious and unresponsive just on 5am, Tuesday morning wearing only her underwear and a pajama top on but no bottoms. 

After being found, she was taken to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital where she died.

A police report noted McHenry’s knees being bruised, with police stating there were no other visible injuries.

Discovered next to McHenry’s body was a small ziplock back containing cocaine, leading to cops suspecting the ‘reality’ star dying from a drug overdose.

Police are now investigating whether McHenry was ‘dumped on the street,’ and by whom?

A Bronx resident who lives close to the site where McHenry was found questioned how she ended up there in the first place.

‘She shouldn’t have been on this block at nighttime,’ told George Smith via the nydailynews. ‘I’m a man, and I wouldn’t walk down here by myself. That’s a fact.’

An autopsy is being scheduled to determine the reality star’s cause of death.

 Lyric McHenry
Lyric McHenry shares images hours prior to her death on social media.
 Lyric McHenry
Lyric McHenry, ‘birthday cheer….’

Lyric McHenry had been partying with friends hours before and posting photos on Instagram:

The dailymail reported McHenry being determined being 20 weeks pregnant- nevertheless it remained unclear whether the reality persona was aware she was expecting.

Of disconcert, the reality star’s death follows McHenry the evening leading into her death sharing pictures and videos of herself celebrating her birthday throughout various locations in NYC on social media.

Among locations McHenry had visited with friends and including her sister, Maya, through the course of the evening was the Frederick Hotel in Tribeca, SoHo Grand Hotel and the Dream Downtown.

In one clip posted on Instagram, McHenry is posing in front of the mirror in a bathroom as she films herself.

The final upload, shared approximately three hours before she was found dead, shows her blowing a kiss to camera as a man standing beside her says: ‘It’s her birthday.’

Sister Maya also shared clips from their night, including one of her sister and a male pal posing together.

‘Happy birthday to my sister… she looks so bomb! It’s a joke,’ Maya says as Lyric poses.

Lyric’s birthday fell on August 6, and pictures shared on her and EJ Johnson’s Instagram profiles show them both celebrating the occasion with friends.

‘Happy birthday to my best friend who has strutted with my in princess gowns since day 1 @lyric_leigh words cannot express how much I love and appreciate you in my life,’ EJ wrote.

‘Your constant love, respect and companionship gives me the confidence to live my truth every single day and I am so blessed that even as baby divas we recognized the greatness in each other. I love you #leoseason #teamthis.’

 Lyric McHenry
Lyric McHenry
 Lyric McHenry
Lyric McHenry

Lyric McHenry prolific drug user? 

Along with having previously studied at Ivy League University Stanford, McHenry had begun making political YouTube videos.

In 2016, McHenry produced and appeared on a show called EJNYC for EJ Johnson. The show lasted for one season on the E! cable network and focused on the fashion industry, the jet-setting lives of its cast members and socially conscious issues.

When the show ended, McHenry went on to work as an associate producer for Complex Networks before becoming a freelance writer and producer in 2017.

Of note, McHenry’s father, Doug McHenry produced such Hollywood films as ‘Krush Groove,’ ‘New Jack City’ and produced and directed ‘Jason’s Lyric.’

Not immediately known is how prevalent Lyric McHenry’s drug use was and whether it was indicative of the company and socializing the reality star kept. And whether she had been on a spiral causing her to live life on a razor edge….?

EJ and Lyric’s sister, Maya are yet to comment on the reality star’s death.

 Lyric McHenry
Lyric McHenry
 Lyric McHenry
Lyric McHenry