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Luis Guerrero murder: West Chicago teens strangle, stab, burn & run over girl’s ex boyfriend

Jesus Jurado Correa, Francisco Alvarado and Tia Brewer
Jesus Jurado Correa, Francisco Alvarado and Tia Brewer
Jesus Jurado Correa, Francisco Alvarado and Tia Brewer
Pictured, Jesus Jurado Correa, Francisco Alvarado and Tia Brewer. Image via DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Luis Guerrero murder: West Chicago teens strangle, stab, burn & run over girl’s ex boyfriend. Indicted are Francisco Alvarado and Tia Brewer along with Jesus Jurado Correa.

A teenage couple from Illinois have been accused of strangling, stabbing the girl’s former boyfriend and then setting him on fire before running him over with a Jeep.

Charged with the first degree murder of Luis Guerrero, 18 of West Chicago was the teen’s ex girlfriend, Tia Brewer, 16 of Wheaton and her new boyfriend, Francisco Alvarado, 18 of West Chicago. 

Charged with concealment of a homicide was a third teen, Jesus Jurado Correa, 18, who supplied his friend Alvarado and Brewer with gasoline which was used to douse the ex boyfriend with, before setting him on fire.

Notice of the ex boyfriend’s demise followed West Chicago firefighters during a training run coming across the ’smoldering body’ of Guerrero in an outdoor fire pit not far from Alvarado’s residence.

Along with murder charges, the chicagotribune reported Brewer and Alvarado facing charges of armed robbery and concealment of a homicide.

Luis Guerrero murder
Luis Guerrero murder. Pictured West Chicago teen.

Luis Guerrero murder: ‘….brutal and heinous and unconscionable degree of depravity’. 

Noted State’s Attorney Robert Berlin office in a press release, The facts alleged in this case are brutal and heinous and evidence of an unconscionable degree of depravity’. 

The release noted Brewer previously dating Guerrero, and telling Alvarado that Guerrero raped her. The prosecutor stressed authorities not finding any indication Brewer ever reporting such an assault to authorities.

Authorities alleged Alvarado and Brewer luring Guerrero after arranging to meet him after midnight Tuesday near the West Chicago Public Library. Alvarado approached the victim from behind and strangled him with a belt, and he and Brewer then stabbed Guerrero more than a dozen times in the neck.

The pair then drove Guerrero to Joliet Street in West Chicago and called Correa to bring gasoline, officials said, adding that Correa, who was at a movie with his girlfriend, stopped at a gas station and filled a water bottle with fuel, which he brought to Joliet Street and then left.

Of note, the press release noted Correa observing Guerrero’s body in the fire pit upon arriving at the scene and later seeing the fire pit go up in flames.

Francisco Alvarado, Tia Brewer and Jesus Correa
Francisco Alvarado, Tia Brewer and Jesus Correa

Luis Guerrero murder: Friends say he was well regarded.

Following gas being poured over Guerrero and the teen ignited, Guerrero according to the prosecutor’s press release ‘got up and began running around’. Alvarado and Brewer then got into the Jeep and ran over Guerrero before dumping his body again in the fire pit and relighting it on fire, with police saying they found blood on the Jeep’s undercarriage.

‘The vicious brutality allegedly displayed by the defendants in this case is beyond imagination,’ Berlin said in the news release. ‘I can’t begin to fathom the pain that Mr. Guerrero must have endured as his life was brutally taken from him.’

The press release noted upon West Chicago firefighters happening upon the smoldering remains of Guerrero, a picnic table having been placed over the ex boyfriend’s body.

During the investigation, Alvarado’s parents, who live nearby, approached police at the scene and alerted them to blood stains in their Jeep, officials said.

The investigation led to Correa, who confessed to his role, which included taking Brewer and Alvarado to the train station. The couple were arrested Wednesday at a motel in Chicago, with police finding Guerrero’s backpack among their possessions, along with a knife and a screwdriver believed to have been used in the attack.

Chicagocbslocal reported Guerrero moving to West Chicago from Mexico in fifth grade, with friends describing him as a good friend and student.

All three of the accused will be back in court Sept. 13. Alvarado and Brewer could face life in prison if convicted on the most serious charges, Berlin said.

Bond was declined for Alvarado and Brewer with bond set at $100K for Correa. 

If convicted on all charges, Alvarado and Brewer could face up to life in prison.