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Murder? Officer Andrew Delke (white) Nashville cop shoots fleeing black man dead.

Daniel Hambrick and Andrew Delke
Pictured, suspect, Daniel Hambrick and Nashville Police Officer, Andrew Delke
Daniel Hambrick and Andrew Delke
Pictured, suspect, Daniel Hambrick and Nashville Police Officer, Andrew Delke

Was Daniel Hambrick a fleeing black male who was shot in the back while allegedly holding a gun by white Nashville Officer Andrew Delke murdered?

The family of a black man seen fleeing a pursuing white Nashville police officer who moments later is caught on video shooting the man dead has demanded the Tennessee cop be charged with murder.

The ‘call for justice’ follows Daniel Hamrock, 25, being shot and killed by officer Andrew Delke, also 25, after he fled a traffic stop, July 26. 

The footage, taken from school CCTV cameras at a school, was released by the Tennessee Department of Investigations as part of their probe into the shooting.

In total Delke fired four shots, three of which struck Hambrick causing him to fall to the floor.

As Hambrick lays bleeding to death, Delke can be seen walking away with his gun drawn before approaching the wounded man when another officer arrives.

Hambrick was handcuffed before he died, though it is not clear from the footage if either officer attempted to provide medical help. Statements later made revealed the officers calling in for help. 

Delke claims that Hambrick was armed when he was shot – and police say a gun was found close to the scene – but CCTV does not clearly show whether Hambrick was holding anything.

Victim’s family claim racism cost Daniel Hambrick’s life. 

After the video was released, the dailymail reported the Nashville NAACP demanding Delke be fired and charged with murder, while the suspect’s family accused police of racism and Hambrick being targeted on account of being black.

Told, Jo Kimbrough, attorney for the Hambrick’s family via The Tennessean: ‘He [Delke] shoots him [Hambrick] repeatedly from behind.

‘The police officer fired four times, three of those bullets ripped Daniel apart. He fell to the ground, where he was cuffed and left, left there like a dog. Worse than a dog.

‘I’m a criminal defense attorney. If there is ever a case of premeditated first-degree murder, this is it.’

The NAACP is also demanding that the FBI open up a civil rights probe and a review of the Nashville Police Department.

Mayor David Briley did announce a ‘comprehensive review’ of police policy after the video emerged, though the investigation into Delke’s conduct is ongoing and it is not clear if any action will be taken against the officer.

Nashville Fraternal Order of Police President James Smallwood criticized investigators for releasing the video before their task is complete.

He added that if Hambrick had dropped a pistol he was holding as ordered, he would still be alive.

Daniel Hambrick
Pictured, Daniel Hambrick.

Why did Daniel Hambrick flee when police approached? Why was he carrying gun?

‘I just want justice for my son,’ Vickie Hambrick, Hambrick’s mother, said during the news conference with the local NAACP

‘That’s all I’m asking. And for all the young black guys and young women, I want justice for them. I love them all.’

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said police had been looking for stolen vehicles when Hambrick was stopped.

Police said he had been ‘driving erratically’, though wasn’t in a stolen vehicle. 

It was during a traffic stop, Hambrick ‘reportedly emerged from the vehicle with a firearm in his hand’ leading to Delke pursuing the man and firing his gun several times as Hambrick fled.

Not immediately clear is if Delke ordering the fleeing suspect to stop and if so, why Hambrick instead continued fleeing and giving the impression he may be an active threat?

Of note, separate video filmed from a housing complex showed Hambrick appearing to have a dark-colored object in his hand during the chase.

The bureau said a handgun was recovered at the scene. How or why Hambrick came to be carrying a gun and whether he’d intimated using it wasn’t clear.  Or whether it was enough for him to be in possession of a weapon was enough license for police to believe that the use of force on their end would be justified?

Daniel Hambrick
Protesters demand justice over the fatal shooting of suspect, Daniel Hambrick.

Was Daniel Hambrick a threat with his back turned? 

Sam Hambrick Jr., Hambrick’s uncle, questioned how his nephew could’ve been a threat while running away.

‘I don’t care if I have a hand grenade in my pocket; if I’m running away, I can’t be a threat to you,‘ the uncle said.

Investigators claim Hambrick refused commands to drop the gun, and could’ve fired over his shoulder or under his arm, or swung his arm back and shot the gun upside down. 

Nashville police have said they are confident that the investigation will exonerate Delke.

Nashville District Attorney General Glenn Funk’s office said the footage was released ‘in an effort to show transparency as much as possible during this investigation,’ adding that the investigation is expected to be finished within the next two weeks.

The shooting has heightened calls from community members who want to create a police oversight board in Nashville. 

Officer Delke has since been placed on routine administrative assignment and isn’t scheduled to return to street duty until the investigation is complete and the district attorney has assessed it.