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Orangetown racist bus tirade, ‘You got papers to be in this country?’

Rockland County racist bus woman
Pictured, Rockland County racist bus female passenger.
Rockland County racist bus tirade
Pictured, Rockland County racist bus tirade female passenger.

Rockland County racist bus tirade: A female Orangetown passenger is seen on video spewing racial animosity before being arrested. ‘Go back to your ‘f-king own country’. 

Also going viral this fourth of July (woe to the irony…) is a video of a Rockland County woman going on a racist rant, spewing the N word at passengers on a local bus.

The incident which was caught on cellphone Saturday afternoon captures the moment a female passenger started going off on other passengers according to fellow rider, Zoe Mac who caught and posted the unfolding incident on Facebook.

Screams our fourth of July hero, ‘I hope you all got your motherf–king papers.’

‘I’m sick of you motherf–kers! You got papers to be in this country?’ she says, standing toward the back of the bus and holding onto a pole.

By the end of the episode, pix11 reported our ambassador of cultural diversity being arrested for disorderly conduct and a newly anointed social pariah in her community.

Rockland County racist bus tirade: Compassion and understanding is not my middle name.

On his video post, Mac  said he was heading home from work when the belligerent passenger unleashed her tirade on him and others. It wasn’t immediately clear what provoked the un-named ‘white’ woman unleashing her special brand of public vomit.

Told Mac in a caption, ‘Ignorance at its finest… racism never died and this is what people like me and who can relate go through…’.

In another clip of the verbal assault, the unhinged woman yells, ‘F–k you and your n—-r f–king people!’

And in yet a different video, the combative commuter tells someone to ‘go back to your f–king country.’ A stalwart battle cry favorite among racists the world over.

As the target of her tirade asks her to please stop, the un-named woman gets up again and says, ‘First of all, in this country, we have what’s called the First Amendment right,’ before becoming enraged when she notices Mac filming her and proceeds to knock his phone out of his hand.

‘Stop! Stop! Do not hit anybody!’ the other passengers yell, as a slap can be heard off camera.

Someone else pleads with an unidentified person to ‘grab your mother, that is your mother, please grab her,’ before a man can be seen dragging her back to her seat.

‘More footage of me being discriminated on, she even did it to the bus driver,’ Mac wrote in the caption.

Who knew Saturdays in Rockland County or pretty much any other area within the US post Trump America could be so enviable and dystopian?

Rockland County racist bus tirade: But what made her so racist and intolerant in the first place?

Following the incident, passenger, Vladimir Philidore, recalled the racist female passenger becoming unhinged ‘for no apparent reason,’ and confirmed that she’d directed her ire at the bus driver first, before turning on the passengers.

‘She’s just going at the mouth, with the racial slurs. The N-words,’ Philidore told Westchester’s News12.

‘Some people were scared, especially the elderly people,’ he added to PIX11.

The tirade led to the bus driver calling authorities, with the Orangetown Police Department arresting the woman.

Police, who did not release the woman’s name because she was only charged with violations, said they also had to deal with her earlier in the day for the same type of vile conduct, according to the Mount Pleasant Daily Voice.

Because when you’re happy and cheery in the morning, you’re likely to be even more special bubbly and cheering in the afternoon too. Or maybe not?

The incident led to Orangetown Town Supervisor Chris Day posting on Facebook post: ‘Yesterday some unhinged racist went on a mini-rampage of sorts on a Transport of Rockland bus as it was passing through Orangetown, creating a disturbance by physically and verbally attacking passengers and the bus driver’.

Adding, Her behavior is forever enshrined on the internet among the great idiots of our time, I hope she learns a lesson in appropriate behavior and tolerance from the experience as she is recognized on the street as ‘crazy racist lady from the bus’ for the next several years of her life.’

And with that happy 4th of July and tolerance and independence of others different from ourselves, even if those very differences sometimes serves to threaten our shaky sense of self….