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Watch: Snapchat dog killers who slit throat avoid jail.

Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler
Pictured, Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler
Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler
Pictured, Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler

Steven Sadler and Boots Stanley, two Arkansas men who posted Snapchat video of them slitting a bulldog’s throat and causing it to die are spared jail during shock sentencing.

Two Arkansas men have avoided jail after a judge instead ordered an individual who slit a pit bull’s throat on camera and his accomplice, who posted video of the episode on Snapchat to probation and community service. A sentencing that has since left social media howling for blood.

Steven Sadler and video-maker Boots Stanley, both of Hamburg, Arkansas, were sentenced Thursday in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana on one count each of aggravated animal cruelty, which took place in Louisiana last year. 

Leading up to their sentencing, both Sadler and Stanley faced a maximum sentence of 10 years jail and a $25,000 fine.

Instead each man got three years probation, a $5,000 fine, and 480 hours of community service. Of note, one of Stanley’s attorneys, Lewis Unglesby said donating $5,000 to the Morehouse Parish Humane Society would cancel half the community service reported The News-Star.

As part of their sentencing, Judge Carl Sharp suspended a 3-year prison sentence for each and barred them from owning any animals for a year. 

Steven Sadler and Boots Stanley sentencing leads to questioning:

The duo’s perceived light sentencing has since led to many wondering, including District Attorney Steve Tew.

Wrote the DA in an email statement, Given the inhumane and vicious nature of this crime, the District Attorney’s office requested that the judge impose a severe sentence commensurate with the crime. However, the District Attorney acknowledges that the Court has sole discretion in sentencing’. 

The duo’s sentencing follows the men pleading guilty in April to the felony. Tew in a March interview with AP said he didn’t expect a plea agreement because Sadler is an avid hunter and federal law forbids felons to possess guns.

Sadler originally had been charged with four counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, and both men had been charged with conspiracy.

According to the arrest warrant, video showed the dog trying to keep its balance on the rump of a horse being ridden by Stanley, with men’s laughter in the background. It took several tries to cut the dog’s throat, according to the warrant.

Sharp said the men’s probation could be reduced after the first year if they are found to have behaved well and complied with terms of their probation, KNOE-TV reported. If they don’t pay the fine, they would have to spend a year in the parish jail.

The seemingly light sentencing has since led to some saying that they hoped the case would force lawmakers going forward to bring stiffer penalties and laws protecting animals.

And then there were these reactions on the web, see what you think?

Let me get this straight: you can get caught with weed and get sent to prison, but you can steal a dog, cut its throat, and post it on social media and get a $5,000 fine?

‘They have gotten a slap on the wrist over something that is an absolute sadistic murder of an innocent animal.’ 

‘God forgives, people do not and nothing on the internet ever dies.’

‘The courts and judges cave to money and politics and who you know.’

‘People who harm animals deserve a special please in hell. They are so innocent and only do what they do to love and survive.’

‘They put this sweet little pit bull on the back of this horse, on purpose hoping that the dog would fall off because the horse was on unsure footing. They were thinking that the horse would stomp on or kick the dog. When that failed they made several attempts while laughing to slit his throat. I can only pray that these scum of the earth find their demise to be similar or worse than what they did to Justice.’

Snapchat dog killers
Snapchat dog killers