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Russian wife who wanted to surprise husband with new (larger) breasts dies

Galina Rakushina
Pictured, Russian woman, Galina Rakushina who died following a breast enhancement surgery.
Galina Rakushina
Pictured, Russian woman, Galina Rakushina who died following a breast enhancement surgery.

Galina Rakushina dies after botched boob job: A Moscow, Russian woman is the latest death following a string of fatalities in private medical clinics performing plastic surgery. 

A woman who sought to surprise hr husband with larger breasts has died 13 months after falling into a coma following breast enhancement surgery in Russia.

Galina Rakushina’s death marks the latest spate in fatalities linked to Moscow area private clinics performing the plastic surgery procedure.

The 30 year old wife’s death reports local media has since led to a criminal investigation into the mother of two’s death.

The dailymail reported investigators probing the quality of anaesthetic and drugs used amid concerns over the regulation of plastic surgery clinics in the city.

The woman from Lipetsk ‘wanted to surprise her husband by enlarging her breasts after having her children’, a friend said.

Adding, ‘She had secretly saved money for the operation’. 

Galina Rakushina
Galina Rakushina

Galina Rakushina death and similar plastic surgery deaths: a case of negligence and protocol shortfall?

Rakushina was given anaesthetic on April 17 last year with the woman’s heart stopping soon afterwards.

Then 29, she was not monitored for several minutes and although her heart was restarted ‘her brain was without oxygen for too long’, according to Ren TV.

‘Her heart was not beating for more than three minutes when doctors started reanimation,’ the report said.

Despite being rushed to a local hospital, Galina remained in a coma from which she never awoke despite living another 13 months.

‘All of us believed in a miracle and hoped for it,’ her friend Kristina Korostina said.

‘God has taken you – please know that we loved you. Rest in peace.’

Her husband Alexander Rakushin, with whom Galna shared daughter Milena, 10, and a six-year-old son, has not commented on her death. 

Galina Rakushina
Galina Rakushina

Criminal investigations also follow in new cases: 

The Russian Investigative Committee, which probes serious crime, launched criminal case into unsafe medical services by the clinic, which was not named.

But there’s more. Galina’s death is one of many that are being investigated by Russian authorities in the medical field.

A separate probe is underway into deaths at a clinic called MedLounge where Natalia Orlova, 54, a well-known Moscow stock exchange trader, died last month.

She was the fourth patient to die in mysterious circumstances in a few weeks amid fears an ‘angel of death’ nurse was to blame.

Ms Orlova had a facelift but afterwards suffered acute spinal pain followed by liver and kidney failure.

She died three weeks after her operation at the MedLounge clinic as an urgent criminal probe was already underway into three other suspicious deaths of women plastic surgery patients.

Orlova’s daughter Rada said she was told by three separate medics that an unknown substance used at the clinic had poisoned her mother.

‘I heard from doctors (that) some agent, a poisonous substance which was in the anaesthetic or in other medicines, has been seized by the investigators,’ she told Moscow 25 TV.

‘It acts like a chemical warfare agent. I was told this by three doctors.’

Natalia Orlova
Pictured, Natalia Orlova

A spate of mystery deaths and gravely injured patients: But why?

Also dying in mysterious circumstances was beautician Marina Kushkhova, 29, who passed away in suspicious circumstances following a nose job operation.

Two other patients remain in ‘grave’ conditions in intensive care.

Reports at the end of April already pointed to an ‘angel of death’ nurse with a possible mental condition being under suspicion at the clinic after three other deaths..

Other criminal cases have since been launched following the deaths of different women in at different clinics in recent months. To what degree the deaths are the result of foul play or a failure of protocol and regulation or general incompetence or standards remains unknown….

Marina Kushkhova
Pictured, Beautician Marina Kushkhova, 29, who also died in suspicious circumstances following a nose job operation.