Home Scandal and Gossip Gulfport man knowingly spread HIV to lovers (again).

Gulfport man knowingly spread HIV to lovers (again).

Tyrone Ross
Pictured, Gulfport, Mississippi man, Tyrone Ross
Tyrone Ross
Pictured, Gulfport, Mississippi man, Tyrone Ross

What led to Tyrone Ross a Gulfport, Mississippi man failing to disclose to present and former love interests that he was HIV positive? Arrested after new lover lodges complaint at hospital. 

Tyrone Ross a 29 year pad Gulfport, Mississippi man has been charged with knowingly exposing others to HIV.

Local media reported Ross being arrested Sunday following a complaint being received against him at a hospital.

Gulfport police Sgt. Clayton Fulks says Ross met a man while they were in jail and was intimate with him behind bars. Fulks says they continued their relationship after they were released.

Police say the relationship lasted between October 2015 and May 2018.

Following his arrest, fox10tv reported Ross being taken into custody at Harrison County Adult Detention CenterMunicipal Court Judge Kirk Clark set his bond at $200,000.

But it gets grimmer…

Police say Ross had previously been convicted for knowingly exposing up to three other individuals to HIV twice. At the time the man was imprisoned, where upon his release was placed on parole where he continued to carry on the crime he had originally been convicted of. 

According to the sunherald Ross was convicted in October 2014, with Circuit Judge Lisa Dodson sentencing the man to 10 years in prison. The potential prison term for the crime is three to 10 years.

Officials conceded Ross only serving a portion of his initial jail sentence and being released on parole which he had been scheduled to report to authorities until March, 2022.

Not necessarily understood is what motivated Ross in keeping his health condition which could potentially have lethal consequences to potential lovers a secret. Also not clear is how Ross himself contracted HIV and how long he had the immune deficiency?

HIV is transmitted through certain bodily fluids, such as blood or semen, and can be transmitted during unprotected sex. The virus is potentially deadly; those who have the virus are susceptible to infections that can lead to death.

Of note, the CDC says one in seven people do not know they are infected with HIV.