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NRA pulls Valentine Day ‘buy your loved one a gun,’ tweet after Florida school shooting

NRA pulls Valentine Day tweet
NRA pulls Valentine Day tweet
NRA pulls Valentine's Day gun tweet
NRA pulls Valentine’s Day gun tweet

NRA pulls Valentine’s Day gun tweet following recrimination of tone deaf post urging lovers to buy each other weapons. Debate over gun control and the NRA’s role in suppressing the popular move.

At least they have the verve to appreciate that some things just really don’t go. That is love and guns. Where as guns and death are very common place these days.

The above follows the NRA’s decision (National Rifle Association) to pull a tweet the gun lobby had tweeted prior to Wednesday’s Florida, Parkland mass school shooting which saw 17 individuals killed and 50 injured.

Read the tweet which was meant to encourage lovers to buy guns (why not, you might need it for the divorce one day….), ‘Give your significant other something they’ll appreciate this Valentine’s Day.’

The tweet, reported the nypost was accompanied by an image of two guns set on a heart-shaped box.

What could be more heart rendering?

It didn’t take long for the (by now….) offending image to be pulled from the Instagram account of Jim’s Firearms of Florida.

Of question is whether the NRA yanked the retweet or if it disappeared because the account from which it originated, Kimber Firearms, pulled it.

NRA pulls Valentine's Day gun tweet
NRA pulls Valentine’s Day gun tweet

Igor Volsky of the Center for American Progress captured a screenshot of the semi-automatics resting on the pink heart.

‘Earlier this morning, @NRA re-tweeted a tweet from a gun maker encouraging people to buy their loved ones guns for #ValentinesDay,’ Volsky tweeted.

‘Since the #schoolshooting in Florida they’ve deleted that tweet and have gone silent. Thankfully, I took a screenshot,’ he added.

Silent being the operative word as the NRA has yet to publicly respond to the shooting which has once again renewed calls (as it does after every other mass shooting in America….alas) for gun control.

A point of discussion which consistently falls on deaf ears on Capitol Hill as lobbying money continues to hold politicians captive. Yes, perhaps it might be long time to drive money out of politics. A notion that would force lawmakers to pay more attention to the demands of the public at large before those with deep pockets (as it does in every other sphere of public policy, from education, health, pharmaceuticals, etc etc).

Throwing increasing shade on the NRA, an archived version of the gun rights group’s Twitter account, as taken by the Wayback Machine, showed the ‘buy your Valentine a gun’ retweet live at 3:49 p.m. Wednesday — an hour following Wednesday’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

An NRA spokesman told CNN the poster was unaware of the massacre and quickly deleted the tweet.

Which is to wonder, what could be more offensive, falling asleep at the wheel while America’s pandemonium airwaves wrestle with another mass shooting? Or ballsy notion that lovers ought to buy each other guns for Valentine’s Day. Sorry NRA, I think I’ll stick to buying my sweetheart a box of chocolates. But each to his own….

By 7 p.m., the NRA had deleted its retweet and the original post also was deleted.


Isn’t it time you and your loved ones gathered around a box of pistols and handguns and lovingly gazed at each other’s eyes and turned down the din of your TV set regaling yet another melodrama about innocent people being gunned down….?