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San Francisco ‘beloved’ elementary teacher of the month dangles student over second floor balcony

Andres Tobar
Pictured, San Francisco elementary school teacher, Marshall Elementary School teacher
Andres Tobar
Pictured, San Francisco, Marshall Elementary School teacher, Andres Tobar.

What led to Andres Tobar a San Francisco Elementary School teacher dangling a student over a second floor balcony? Had previously been named teacher of the month.

Andres Tobar a 47 year old San Francisco elementary school teacher has been arrested after allegedly dangling a student over a second-floor balcony.

Upon turning himself in Tuesday morning, the California bilingual educator was booked on felony charges of child endangerment, SF Gate reported.

According to school officials, the Marshall Elementary School teacher was allegedly observed last month ‘cradling a student and holding the student over the balcony.’

The child was not injured in the Dec. 19 incident, according to school officials.

It remained unclear as to what led to the teacher picking up the child and hoisting them over the balcony.

‘The school immediately contacted the parent of the involved student and [San Francisco Unified School District] placed Mr. Tobar on paid administrative leave while the district conducted a thorough investigation,’ school spokesperson Gentle Blythe told the San Francisco Examiner.

A police investigation led the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office to issue a warrant for his arrest. Upon learning of the arrest against him, Tobar turned himself into authorities.

Andres Tobar
Pictured San Francisco elementary school teacher, Andres Tobar. San Francisco Police Department.

Andres Tobar, San Francisco elementary school teacher: ‘He should definitely be teacher of the decade!’

Of note, the 47 year old bilingual educator who has taught at Marshall Elementary for  more than two decades had been named teacher of the month in January 2013.

Noted a missive at the time, ‘Mr. Tobar has provided a nurturing and uplifting atmosphere in the classroom, he attends all after-school events and PTA meetings, leads morning assemblies, and brings treats in for staff members’ birthdays. His ardent dedication to both his students and school community is truly inspiring.’

Noted parent, Melanie Garcia at the time, ‘Mr. Tobar is an absolutely amazing teacher. He is fantastic with the parents and the kids,’

While another teacher posted, ‘He should definitely be teacher of the decade!’

Parents of current students went on to describe Tobar’s teaching style as ‘unique.’

Upon being booked at San Francisco County Jail, Tobar continues to remain in custody without bail.