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Photos: Thai man strangled to death by 21ft python kept in glass jar

Sawan Tabklai
Pictured Thai man, Sawan Tabklai who was strangled to death by a giant python snake.

Sawan Tabklai a Thai man has been strangled to death by a 21 foot python snake he’d kept in a glass jar before it attacked him.

Sawan Tabklai a 55 year old Thai man has died after being strangled to death by a giant wild python snake after it sprung out of a glass jar he’d stuffed it in. 

The tragedy came after the man caught the 21ft-long snake as it slithered around his family home in Sukothai province, Thailand, in the early hours of Saturday morning. 

Having managed to initially cram the reptile into a big glass jar, the snake recoiled, leaping towards Sawan’s head, before biting into his arm, sometime early Tuesday morning reported Thailand’s The Nation.

Authorities told of the python biting the man’s hand before wrapping itself around the man’s neck while he desperately screamed for help.

Sawan’s sister, Pilada Tabklai, 63, rushed to help only to come across the scene of her brother being suffocated to death by the snake.

Battling the snake in a bid to free her brother, the sister was forced to call emergency services after the python proved too strong reported the dailymail.

By the time help arrived, Tabklai was already dead. 

The snake was caught and put it into a sack where it was later killed.

Sawan Tabklai family at a loss to understand why the Thai man kept the python snake in a glass jar:

Told Pilada, ‘I don’t know why my younger brother was keeping the snake. He found it three or four days ago and put it in a jar at the home.

‘I heard him shouting and saw he had been bitten by the snake. It was coiled around his body and I couldn’t get it off.’

Police Lieutenant Colonel Surapong Salasit from the Kong Krailat district police station said the cause of death was strangulation.

He said: ‘Officers arrived and found the 55-year-old man already dead under the house. He was not wearing a shirt and had black trousers on.

‘There were snake bite marks around his left hand and his neck was red like a severe band mark. The doctor performed an autopsy and the cause of death was due to lack of oxygen.

‘The python strangled him until he died. Neighbors and rescue workers helped to put it in the bag.

‘We presume it was caused by a combination of the python’s wild instincts and that it was hungry.’

To date it remains unclear as to whether Tabklai’s death came as the man sought to feed the giant captured animal or if it had simply reacted with venom as its captor approached the glass jar.

Sawan Tabklai
Pictured the 21 ft python snake being dragged away after it killed local Sukothai man, Sawan Tabklai.
Sawan Tabklai
Pictured the Thai python snake being put into a sack.
Sawan Tabklai
Pictured the giant python being put into a sack and to the right, its victim, Sawan Tabklai.
Sawan Tabklai
Sawan Tabklai death scene
Sawan Tabklai
Pictured the giant Thai python snake