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Sarah Rohde and toddler die after car crashes into bear Thanksgiving day

Sarah Rohde
Pictured Northern California mother, Sarah Rohde and her 19 month old baby daughter, Arianna Harris who were killed after colliding with a bear, Thanksgiving Day.

Sarah Rohde and her toddler daughter die after their car collided with bear Thanksgiving day. Man’s clash with nature as natural inhabitants proliferate.

Sarah Rohde a 27 year California mother and her toddler daughter have died after colliding into a black bear on Thanksgiving day.

KCRA reported the accident happening while Rohde was driving with her 19 month old daughter, Ariana, in Calaveras County just after 6pm along Highway 4 near Angels Camp when the crash occurred. 

The incident led to the bear being thrown over the hood of Rohde’s Subaru Impreza and  through the windshield, according to Kevin Raggio with the Calaveras County coroner.

Both Rohde and her daughter were killed, as well as the bear, in the evening crash. Rhode’s 4-year-old son, Jullian Harris, was also in the car. He survived the crash with minor injuries and was taken to UC Medical Center

Rohde was pronounced dead on the scene, while her daughter, Arianna Harris was pronounced dead in Mark Twain Medical Center in San Andreas, the Sacramento Bee reported. 

At the time, Rohde and her two children had been returning from an early Thanksgiving dinner when the tragedy occurred.

Sarah Rohde
Pictured, California mother, Sarah Rohde and her 19 month old toddler daughter, Arianna Harris.

Sarah Rohde family: ‘We’re having a hard time, questioning God about this.’

Told Rohde’s mother, Tracy Browning, ‘She was the best mom any child could ever ask for, and she was the best daughter,’ adding ‘She was my rock, and I was her rock too.’ 

‘I’m having a hard time, questioning God about this. I really am’.

Rohde worked for Tuolumne County as a extreme tour guide at Mercer Caverns in Murphys. 

Family members say they would like to make a roadside memorial for the mother and her little girl. 

Of note, bear accidents in Calaveras County have risen along with the bear population.

‘The bear population is growing and I don’t see it stopping. There are going to be more wrecks,’ Calaveras Fish and Game Commissioner Ron Severud told via KCRA. 

A Sarah Rohde & Arianna memorial GoFundme page has as of Saturday noon, EST raised $7,850 of a $40.0k goal.

Both mother and daughter are survived by Rohde’s fiance, Dajon Harris and their four year old toddler son.

Sarah Rohde
Sarah Rohde car collision with black bear. Screen shot.
Sarah Rohde
Sarah Rohde pictured with her fiance, Arianna and Julian.