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Why? Emily Mueller Ohio beekeeper mom who posed with 20K bees suffers stillborn

Emily Mueller
Pictured, Emily Mueller Ohio beekeeper expectant mom posing with 20K bees in August as part of a maternity photo shoot.

Emily Mueller Ohio beekeeper mom who posed with 20K bees suffers stillborn days ahead of child’s upcoming birth. Did a maternity photo shoot cause her child’s death? 

Emily Mueller a 33 year old Ohio mother who posed with 20, 000 bees in a maternity photo shoot has suffered a still born.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the expectant mother told of her unborn child dying over the weekend in her womb.

In her post, Mueller a South Akron beekeeper who owns 24 hives and 1.2 million honeybees told of first noticing something off, when she couldn’t feel her unborn child’s heartbeat or the child kicking.

Wrote Mueller in part, who’d been expecting her fourth child, ‘So many people awaited the arrival of our sweet famous baby who was the star of our wonderful bee maternity photo shoot. Jesus decided he needed his own beekeeper and took our precious son, Emersyn Jacob, back up to Heaven with him,’

‘Our hearts are deeply saddened and broken more than we could have ever imagined. All we truly want are prayers for our family during this difficult time as they have been allowing us to move forward and heal.’

Emily Mueller
Pictured, Emily Mueller Ohio beekeeper expectant mother posing with 20K bees in August as part of a maternity photo shoot.

Emily Mueller Ohio mother is told her unborn baby has died: the emotions. 

Mueller, who has three other children, Cadyn, 10, Madelynn, three and one-year old Westyn said she was preparing for an upcoming event on Thursday and didn’t notice her baby’s lack of movement. 

‘By evening I began to realize I had not felt baby move much and had contractions that felt different than any I have had before,’ she wrote. ‘I just told myself he was sleeping but as the time passed, I felt uneasy about it.’

The expectant mother and her husband decided to go to hospital to check things out only to be told that their son had died just days before the due date. 

‘Our baby has died. Our baby will never come home with us,’ she wrote. ‘This wonderful rainbow baby we were blessed with has now become a storm in our lives.

‘Finding out your baby died is unfathomable. Learning you have to be induced and deliver your deceased child is way beyond that. My heart instantly ached for any woman that has told me she had a stillborn.’

‘I truly thought we would be sent home with a smile, telling us to just wait for the arrival of our sweet Emersyn, who was due in 6 days,’ Mueller continued.

‘I can’t and don’t want to explain that feeling to anyone. Turning to your husband and seeing him die inside. Seeing him completely break. Seeing your children feel and suffer your pain in front of your eyes. The pain is unbearable.’

‘Every detail of that moment is forever sketched into my mind and I cannot stop replaying it,’ Mueller wrote. ‘Dr. Sutter sat on my right side looking at the screen and turned to me and said, ‘Your baby has passed.’ 

Emily Mueller
Emily Mueller

Emily Mueller 20K bee maternity photo shoot: Did the expectant mother tempt fate? 

The Muellers found out Emersyn was a boy after they had returned from the hospital because the family, who had previously been waiting to find out his gender until he was born, ‘wanted to know who we were mourning.’ 

Mueller believes her baby died from a blood clotting issue that has caused other family members to suffer miscarriages.

‘I have a very strong feeling that this was a blood clotting issue as those traits have been affecting our immediate family for some time,’ she wrote.

The couple decided to send the placenta in for testing, but there is a possibility they may never know the cause of their baby’s death reported the dailymail

That said, speculation has now mounted that the child’s health may have been tempered when the expectant mom decided in August when she was six months pregnant to pose with 20,000 bees as part of a maternity photo shoot.

‘Bees have been a huge part of our lives for the past few years so I wanted to incorporate them into something important to me – like my maternity photos,’ Mueller said at the time.

Mueller, who runs Mueller Honey Bee Removal with her husband said she’s always felt comfortable with bees. The two own 24 hives for their company, tending to 1.2million bees in total. 

Noted the mother at the time, ‘People think I’m putting my baby at harm,’

‘A lot of people think I’m insane but I’m so comfortable with bees so it was never something I had anxiety about.’

Mueller revealed having only suffered three minor stings – none on her pregnant belly, during the photo shoot. A photo shoot that had many wondering about the expectant mother’s judgement and the potential risks she was taking.

Continued the mother at the time, ‘I wore a dress that was long and covered my stomach and legs so the bees would be on the outside of my body as a cautionary measure, but I knew it was safe.’  

‘I just want to raise awareness about how gentle they are.’

Emily Mueller
Emily Mueller