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A&A Vesa fur coats factory – the real face of a luxury world

A&A Vesa fur coats factory
A&A Vesa fur coats factory
A&A Vesa fur coats factory
A&A Vesa fur coats factory

A&A Vesa fur coats factory: How one Romanian based fur manufacturer maintains its excellence in an industry rife with less than high quality furs; an expose. 

Fur coats have become one of the main highlights of the winter fashion. They assure a luxury touch to every outfit and keep you warm even at sub-zero temperatures. But the truth is that a high-quality fur coat can’t be found at every street’s corner. 

There are lots of designers that buy fur coats and sell them under their name for a real fortune just because it’s not that simple to make your own fur collection. It takes time and a great sacrifice. That’s why the fur market is pretty dangerous. You can’t always find great quality and decent prices. Real fur coats cost a lot and not all of them are made of luxurious material. Many of them are made of animals’ hair mixed with synthetic materials and their labels show us they are 100% real. Well, who are they kidding? The real fur really feels real!

This is the reason why A&A Vesa fur coats factory has gained such a reputation in the fur fashion industry. For the moment, A&A Vesa is one of the most known fur coats brand in the whole world and this is thanks to the high-quality they provide and the respect for fashion they always show.

Their story began 23 years ago, when Gheorghe Vesa, the CEO of Vesa fur coats factory, decided to make and deliver to the world the most beautiful and high-quality fur coats they have ever seen.

As he admits: “Since the beginning, our philosophy was that the profile market needs quality, and a piece of leather needs to be handled and treated gracefully, so that the clothing, when people wear it, to look flawless.”

A&A Vesa fur coats factory
A&A Vesa fur coats factory: and the process begins by hand…

A&A Vesa fur coats factory is basted in Buteni, Arad, Romania. They became known in Romania and everybody wanted their luxury garments! The demand grew more and more every day, and they gradually opened stores in the biggest cities of this country. But they didn’t stop here. The whole world heard about A&A Vesa fur coats factory and many people wished to have those high-quality garments everyone was talking about.

That’s why almost four years ago A&A Vesa fur coats decided to launch the international website, particularly created for stakeholders around the world.

In present, they deliver fur coats all around the world. A&A Vesa fur coats factory has its own tannery that has a capacity of 500 skins per day. This means that the well-known brand can produce 300 garments per month. They are offering a complete line of fur products such as fur coats and vests, sheepskin coats and jackets, shearling coats and jackets, decorations and accessories.

Now you may wonder why A&A Vesa fur coats factory is so popular and loved all around the world. Their hand-made furs are made with great attention by a very talented team after the gifted designers come with fabulous models that follow the latest fashion trends. All the process starts with salting, after plucking the lamb. The A&A Vesa fur coats factory team sprinkle salt on the leather, to remain fresh.

The steps of the process of tanning and leather-tanning are soaking, washing, degreasing, removing impurities and grease off the leather surface. Tanned skins enter into a manufacturing process: stretching, trimming, ironing, finishing, dying. Processed skins can be used as ornamental or they can be painted and used for manufacturing of leather products and fur clothes.

Animal furs used by this fur factory in garments and trim may be dyed bright colors or with patterns, often to mimic exotic animal pelts: alternatively, they may be left their original pattern and color. The more common sources for natural fur clothing and fur-trimmed accessories come from: lamb, fox, raccoon, and mink.

All these high-quality and luxury fur coats are delivered to the customers without being exposed in a physical store, so everyone can buy them at a good price. Great quality and the best prices. What can be more beautiful?

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