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‘Kill yourself’ Buckley 7th grader receives yearbook messages bullying him to die

Buckley 7th grader bullying
Buckley 7th grader bullying. Pictured a page from yearbook.
Buckley 7th grader bullying
Buckley 7th grader bullying. Pictured a page from Glacier Middle School yearbook urging one 13 year old boy to ‘kill yourself’.

Buckley 7th grader bullying: A 13 year old boy receives yearbook messages imploring him to go and ‘kill yourself’. The rise of school bullying. 

Shannon Hansen a Buckley, Washington mother has claimed her 13 year old son nearly killing himself after receiving a barrage of Facebook yearbook messages from classmates imploring the teen boy to ‘kill yourself’.

According to KATU, the mom said her son, a 7th grader returned home from Glacier Middle School, June 16, upset over yearbook notes written to him during lunch.

To prove her point the mother shared a Facebook photo (see below) on Friday of one page filled with obscenities and other ‘hateful messages’.

Read one post, ‘piece of shxt,’ while another read, ‘no balls kill yourself, you won’t!’

While another student wrote, You should do the world and favor and die’.

In the post, which has gone viral, Hansen said that she was ‘beside herself’ that students would be so cruel.

‘This is what he had to see, he walked out of the lunch room and walked home and called me in tears,’ Hansen posted.

The teen, who did not want to be identified, walked to the river, where he considered ending his life and texted his mom goodbye.

Told the mother, He said ‘I’m sorry Mom, I just can’t take it anymore and maybe I should just do it. Maybe they’re right. I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.

Reiterated the bullying victim, ‘I just kind of thought that they were right’.

When Hanson tracked her son down, the boy said that he had thankfully changed his mind.

Hansen contacted both the school district and police about the offending writings reported komonews.

Officials from the White River School District said they were ‘deeply concerned’ about the yearbook messages.

‘Our immediate concern is for the safety and well-being of the student involved, and school administration has been working closely with the student and their family from the beginning,’ said White River School District superintendent Janel Keating-Hambly in a released statement.

Since the yearbook issue went viral on social media the 13-year old has received kind words, candy and encouragement. ‘Just stay strong and keep your head up.’

Others commenting on Glacier’s Facebook page expressed ‘feeling angry’ postings and comments.

‘You all have a bunch of rude thug punk kids at your school!’ wrote student, Michael Thomas.

While Diana Cristales wrote: If Glacier Middle School doesn’t do anything about this, that makes them a bystander and that means they are part of the problem and infringing on a childs right to feel safe.1. I would suggest this school host a bullying assembly as soon as possible.

Please reach out to Alameda City Hall for a contact that does bullying prevention.

2. An anonymous contact that identifies bullies and protects the victim. This information goes into a students file and also keeps the bully away from the victim.

The most important thing with bullying is a NO TOLERANCE POLICY at school This school has a lot of work to do to EDUCATE their students and I’m hoping this publicity works to heal the bullies at this school.’

According to Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center, more than one out of ever 5 students report being bullied. The study noted 64% of children who were bullied not report it, with only 36% reported the bullying.

Of note, the study notes ‘a strong association between bullying and suicide-related behaviors,’ while asserting the dynamic is often mediated by other factors, including depression, violent behavior, and substance abuse.

To date Glacier Middle School school officials have not taken any action against students who sought to affect one Buckley 7th grader’s demise. Buckley Police in the interim said the potential suspects are most likely too young to face criminal action.

The bullying comes off the heels of a number of school students being mercilessly bullied, with some, including 12 year old New Jersey school-girl, Mallory Grossman taking her own life as recent as last week after the school failed to address cyber bulling directed at the ‘much beloved, popular girl.’ Funeral services were held Tuesday evening, June 20.

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