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Nengmy Vang Wisconsin murder spree, a divorce gone wrong

Nengmy Vang
Nengmy Vang Wisconsin murder spree
Nengmy Vang Wisconsin murder spree

Nengmy Vang Wisconsin murder spree. An estranged husband saddled with debts and undergoing a bitter divorce goes on shooting rampage.

Nengmy Vang has been identified as the gunman behind a deadly shooting rampage which took place in Weston, Wisconsin on Wednesday leaving four individuals dead.

According to USA Today 45 year old man had sought to exact revenge on his estranged wife after divorce complications and ongoing money woes flared earlier this week. 

Ironically, both husband and wife survived the ensuing mayhem, with the husband now in hospital after sustaining non lethal police gunfire with the man’s 41 year old wife, Naly Vang surviving her estranged husband’s rage un-harmed.

Matters came to the fore Wednesday noon, when Vang made his way to his wife’s place of employment, Marathon Savings Bank in Rothschild intent on confronting the woman.

In turn the wife fled unharmed to a nearby Subway sandwich shop.

While the man’s wife escaped, two of the woman’s coworkers didn’t as Vang fired rounds of gunshots.

Killed was 67-year-old Dianne Look and 62-year-old Karen Barclay

From there, Vang went to law firm, ‘Tlusty, Kennedy and Dirks’ in Schofield where he killed his wife’s divorce attorney, Sara Quirt Sann, 43. 

The shootout ended at an apartment complex where Vang had been living since his estrangement from his wife. An ensuing stand-off led to Vang shooting and killing one more victim – 40-year-old detective Jason Weiland.

Authorities have yet to interview Vang, with the man recovering from his injuries after the shootout at Wausau hospital.

Nengmy Vang
Pictured, Nengmy Vang Wisconsin shooting victims, Jason Weiland, Sara Quirt Sann, and Dianne Look. Karen Barclay also died in the spree.

Tracing the arc that brought the murders to the fore, tensions between Vang and his estranged wife had been a long time escalating after the husband filed divorce proceedings in 2015. By then the couple had been married for more than two decades. During divorce filing, Vang called their marriage ‘irretrievably broken’.

The couple had at least six kids, and according to court records, Vang requested genetic testing be conducted on a seventh child.  

In September, the man complied with a parenting program with the couple trying to settle the divorce through mediation, yet thing soon broke down, with the couple disagreeing on terms. 

A pre-trial hearing had been scheduled for April 28, with the contested divorce hearing to take place on June 8.

A report via the wausaudailyherald documents the extent of Vang’s travails, with the estranged husband an employee at a local cheese company saddled with financial woes. Vang had been sued four times since 2009 for unpaid credit card balances totaling nearly $28,000. Court records showed the husband paying at least $22,000 of what was owed.

Vang and his wife were also sued last year by a credit union seeking more than $9,000 that remained unpaid of a $13,000 loan. Garnishment notices related to that case were filed in Marathon County Circuit Court on Tuesday, the day before the shootings. One presumes the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.

A regard of Nengmy Vang’s victims led to the revelation that the policeman, Jason Weiland who’d been gunned down had spent 18 years in law enforcement, all in the Wausau area, including the last 15 years with the Everest Metro police force according to Weiland’sw linkdn profile. The fallen man is survived by a wife and two children.

Vang’s other victims, included branch manager, Dianne Look who’d worked at Marathon Savings since 1998, when she and her family returned to Wisconsin from South Dakota. She is survived by her husband of 25 years and their two children.

The other bank victim included Karen Barclay who’d moved to Wisconsin in 1993 and had worked at the bank for more than five years. The woman is survived by a daughter and two granddaughters, ages four and seven.

Responding to the violence, Everest Metro Police Chief Wally Sparks described the shootings, ‘as an isolated domestic incident evolving into tragic crimes’.

Sara H. Quirt Sann, 43, the attorney who was killed was a lifelong resident of Wausau. She was a wife, daughter, sister, stepmom, aunt, friend, and a community servant. Sara loved golf, yoga, practicing law, and her dog, Mary.

Nengmy Vang
Pictured the Marathon Savings Bank that Nengmy Vang had gone to looking for his wife before shooting two female co-workers dead.