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35 stitches: Debbie Urquhart Melbourne jogger attacked by kangaroo

Debbie Urquhart
Debbie Urquhart
Pictured, Templestowe, Melbourne jogger Debbie Urquhart after a kangaroo attack. Images supplied.

Debbie Urquhart a Templestowe, Melbourne jogger is attacked by a kangaroo. A woman escapes with her life after playing dead. Ends up with 35 stitches. 

Melbourne, Australian woman, Debbie Urquhart has undergone emergency surgery after a ferocious attack at the hands of a kangaroo whilst jogging.

The 54 year old Templestowe personal trainer said she’d been out running circa 6am Saturday morning at the Candlebark running track near Wattties Road when the 2 meter (6ft ‘6) rogue roo latched on to her.

Told the woman via Australia media, ‘it threw me around like a rag doll’.

Fearing for her life,  Urquhart said she played dead in an effort to escape further injury after the kangaroo repeatedly kicked on her right side, slashing at her body with its claws.

The woman was able to eventually escape after the kangaroo ran away.

Making her get-away, the trainer ran 500m back to her Monckton Rd home, screaming and covered in blood.

Husband Robert covered her in towels and rushed her to the emergency department at Austin Hospital in Heidelberg.

Told the distressed woman: He ripped me to pieces’.

Adding: He just kept on kicking into me and I was trying to crawl away,’

‘He left me for a bit and I thought he was going to come back and kill me.’

Miraculously Urquhart escaped without any broken bones and was treated at hospital.

Debbie Urquhart
Pictured, Debbie Urquhart. Images supplied.

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According to the herald, the personal trainer avoided having to have plastic surgery and received 20 stitches in her right upper arm, 10 stitches in her right shoulder, and five stitches in three places on her buttocks, along with several other nasty wounds.

In total the woman ended up with 35 stitches during her ordeal.

While she may have survived the unprovoked attack, Debbie Urquhart says memories of the horror attack are ever present.

‘Every time I close my eyes its pretty vivid, it’s horrible,’ she said.

‘If he had got to my stomach, I could have been killed,’ she said.

The woman believes her personal fitness regimen saved her from being killed.

Adding, ‘I walked again yesterday afternoon as soon as I got back home from hospital’.

That said, the personal trainer acknowledges she wont be back to peak training any time soon, while saying she wasn’t planning on going running near the walking track.

In turn the woman said the incident was a warning to nearby residents to be wary of kangaroo attacks.

Not understood is what could have precipitated the attack and whether the woman had inadvertently run into a kangaroo sanctuary? 

Debbie Urquhart
Pictured, Debbie Urquhart’ arm after the