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Comet Pizza gunman: How Edgar Maddison Welch became his own Pizzagate conspiracy

Edgar Maddison Welch
Pictured, Edgar Maddison Welch.
Edgar Maddison Welch
Pictured, Edgar Maddison Welch.

How Edgar Maddison Welch a man who walked into Comet Ping Pong pizza armed with a gun to investigate a conspiracy theory became his own conspiracy theory.

Edgar Maddison Welch a 28 year old Salisbury, North Carolina man has been arrested after walking into a Washington D. C pizzeria with the intent of discovering whether Pizzagate was a bona-fide conspiracy theory.

Armed with an assault rifle the curious man marched inside the well to do Comet Ping Pong pizzeria Sunday afternoon where he proceeded to fire no shots (until the whole venue had been vacated), threaten nobody or harm anybody. Except to maybe or maybe not point his weapon in the direction of an employee. Who managed to flee

This is what irrational curiosity does to people. It forces them to behave in a way that they might not ordinarily behave and as much as they know it’s rationally impossible try to help make the world a nicer safer better place they go on insisting on behaving just as radically as the thing they are supposedly trying to put a stop to. 

Needless to say, the action of Welch waltzing into the pizzeria with a loaded weapon led to cops closing the roads around the pizzeria as police prepared themselves for a stand off. A stand off that never happened.

Edgar Maddison Welch’s foray into tabloid land comes after the targeted pizzeria had recently become the focus of a bogus conspiracy theory dubbed Pizzagate.

The gist of which allegedly involved Hillary Clinton’s head, John Podesta and other top members of the Democratic Party running a satanic pedophile ring. From Comet Ping Pong. Where they discussed (while chewing on pizza) stealing children and selling them into the dark world.

In the ensuing Sunday afternoon hours, the area leading into and out of the Comet Ping Pong pizza remained on lock-down as police were wanton to make sure that the danger had been cordoned off.

Never mind that the real danger might have been the concocted self flagellating news media (both corporate and the alternative bent) who’d regurgitated the alleged mystery nightmare ring ad nauseum. 

Edgar Maddison Welch (who for a brief moment doubled as an actor in real life) for his troubles has since been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and in the process become his own conspiracy theory as pundits on the web try to figure out if he was hired as an actor to put a clamp on independent media, or whether he was simply acting out in the first place?

Or as this author has come to believe, simply duped and taken in by the cluster fxck of fake news that makes the media rounds these days…

Edgar Maddison Welch
Pictured Comet Pizza gunman, Edgar Maddison Welch. How living in America is increasingly becoming a Brave New World phenomenon. Image via Facebook.