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Why? Gus Kiriazis Florida jeweler shoots store employee then kills self

Gus Kiriazis
Pictured, Gus Kiriazis Coral Springs Florida jeweler who shot at a store employee before fatally shooting himself.
Gus Kiriazis
Pictured, Antonio Ferrer, Coral Springs Florida jewelry store employee shot at by his employer, Gus Kiriazis who in turn fatally shot himself.

What led to Gus Kiriazis a Coral Springs, Florida mall jewelry store owner shooting at store employee, Sabas Antonio Ferrer before fatally shooting himself?

Authorities are trying to understand what led to Gus Kiriazis a 59 year old Coral Springs, Florida jewelry store owner shooting at a store employee before shooting himself dead.

The shooting happened when the ‘Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair’ store owner entered the store located at the Coral Square Mall circa 10am Saturday morning where he shot at 52 year old employee, Sabas Antonio Ferrer several times before then fatally turning the gun on himself.

Miraculously, the store employee survived the attempt on his life, with Ferrer transported to North Broward Health where he remains with unknown injuries reports Local 10 News.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Coral Springs police spokesman Ernesto Bruna said police have yet to unearth what motivated Gus Kiriazis. That said, cops said the shooting occurred after the two men got into a disagreement. 

The mall, about 20 miles north of Fort Lauderdale, was put on lockdown after the 10 a.m. shooting.

According to witnesses, Kiriazis fired off a total of three gunshots at the time of the shooting.

Tracy Collins, 50, of North Lauderdale, told the Sun-Sentinel she was standing in line at Old Navy when the chaos broke out and employees directed people to the rear of the store, where they waited for about an hour.

Posted Stephanie Speno, 33, a native of Auburn, N.Y. on her Facebook wall: ‘We are in the middle of a terrorist event here in coral square! [sic] Wtf has America become?!? To be a part of an event like this is so scary!’

Reflected another shopper: ‘It’s sad, because you don’t feel secure no more,’

Adding: ‘You go over here to shop and you want to spend time with the family, and then this happens. It’s sad.’

Police later told of the shot employee come Saturday night being listed in stable condition at a Pompano Beach hospital where the critically injured man remained.

A report via wctv told of much of Coral Square mall, which has 120 stores, reopened to holiday weekend shoppers about 2 days 90 minutes after the shooting.

The shooting comes just a day afterThe shooting comes a day after shoppers flocked to malls around the country for Black Friday sales. Four separate shootings outside of stores in Tennessee, New Jersey and Nevada killed two people and injured four more.

Gus Kiriazis
Antonio Ferrer (pictured), 52, was shot by his employer, Fast-Fix owner Gus Kiriazis, 59, before Kiriazis killed himself.
Gus Kiriazis
Pictured the Fast and Fix jewelry store at Coral Square Mall where Saturday morning’s shooting took place
Gus Kiriazis
Pictured the Coral Square Mall at Coral Springs, Florida- the scene of one of three deadly post Black Friday shootings in America.
 Gus Kiriazis
Shoppers at the Coral Square Mall trying to ‘make sense’ of Saturday morning’s shooting.