Home Scandal and Gossip Elijah Cox kidnaps Raina Reed teen fiance, die in Georgia car crash

Elijah Cox kidnaps Raina Reed teen fiance, die in Georgia car crash

Elijiah Cox
Pictured, 20 year old Georgia man, Elijiah Cox and his 16 year old fiance, Rania Reed.
Elijah Cox
Pictured, 20 year old Georgia man, Elijah Cox and his 16 year old fiance, Raina Reed.

How Elijah Cox a 20 year old Georgia man and his teenage fiance Raina Reed came to die in a Southern, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ like tragedy pursuing a forbidden love.

Elijah Cox a 20 year old Georgia man and his 16 year old fiance, Raina Reed have died in a horror car crash shortly after the teen was abducted from her family home during a Thanksgiving dinner.

The couple were killed instantly when Cox’s speeding car crashed into a tree and burst into flames in Villa Rica circa about 8.40pm, Thursday night.

Cox and Reed, a Temple High School student had been living at his parent’s house in the days leading up to the accident but the teenager’s family were not happy with the arrangements and took her back to their home. 

In turn, an outraged Cox a few hours later turned up at the Reed’s family home where according to Carroll County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Brad Robinson he arrived with with a shotgun, firing off at least three rounds.

In turn the teen and five of her family members hid in the bathroom and called 911.

Told the aunt via WSBTV: ‘He came in yelling for Raina and kicked in the bathroom door and she jumped up as brave as she is and slapped him in the face and told him to stop,’

Adding: ‘He grabbed her, and she was telling him to stop, that she didn’t want to go.’

Cox took the teenager and fled in his dark-colored Volvo sedan, with the aunt saying it appeared Elijah Cox was ‘drunk’.

Elijiah Cox
Pictured, Elijah Cox in a 2014 police bookings photo

Robinson said police passed Cox on their way to the home, with the youth speeding in the opposite direction. From there cops did a U-turn giving chase to the couple.

Minutes later,  Elijah Cox and Raina Reed would be dead after the couple’s car crossed over onto the opposite side of the road, before crashing into a tree and bursting into flames. 

The Georgia State Patrol confirmed a rifle and a handgun were found in the charred remains of the car.

The couple’s death comes after Raina Reed had recently agreed to marry her on and off boyfriend of two years, Elijah Cox, despite her family being opposed to their relationship.

The age of marriage consent in Georgia is 16, with parental permission.

The couple’s deaths have since raised concerns, with some questioning the wisdom of police having given high speed chase which ultimately played a part in the capitulation of a southern ‘Romeo and Juliet’ tragedy….

Raina Reed
Pictured, Raina Reed and Elijah Cox. A souther Romeo and Juliet tragedy where love and hot heads led to the deaths of two youths.
Elijiah Cox
Pictured the family home that Elijah Cox drove to where he shortly after abducted Raina Reed.
Raina Reed
Charred remains lay strewn near where the vehicle Elijah Cox and his teen fiance Raina Reed crashed.
Raina Reed
A cross marks the spot where abducted teen, Raina Reed died.