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Marcus Gottsche gets 22 years for killing friend who ate leftover sandwich

Marcus Gottsche
Pictured, Marcus Gottsche.
Marcus Gottsche
Pictured, Marcus Gottsche.

Marcus Gottsche sentencing: Was it really just a case of a friend eating a leftover sandwich that led to one man shooting dead Jasmine Armour?

Marcus Gottsche a 34 year old New York man was on Wednesday sentenced to 22 years jail after fatally shooting a friend after eating his leftover sandwich.

Shot and killed was 28 year old Jasmine Armour of Buffalo.

Prosecutors say Gottsche and Armour spent a night drinking in February 2011 before returning to his Breckenridge home with another woman. That’s where a fight started after she started eating his sandwich.

As Armor attempted to flee, Marcus Gottsche grabbed a rifle and shot her in the back. A later autopsy revealed the bullet going through the woman’s heart.

At trial, testimony showed that Gottsche eventually called 911 to report Armour was dead, while also telling the dispatcher, ‘I don’t know why she’s dead, but she’s dead.’

He was convicted of murder in December 2011, and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Marcus Gottsche
Pictured, Jasmine Armour.

That said the verdict was vacated last year when Gottsche appealed. A later adjudication ruled Gottsche had been denied effective legal representation.

Come June of 2016, Marcus Gottsche as part of a plead deal pled guilty to first degree manslaughter.

According to wgrzGottsche has remained jailed since his 2011 arrest. He waived his right to appeal this conviction or the severity of his sentence.

Appearing in court yesterday, Gottsche’s current attorney, J. Michael Marion, said those who know Gottsche were shocked he would ever do something like this. The defendant was described as a helpful person and a hard-working member of society.

‘I ask this court to take into consideration his parents and his family and ask this court for mercy,‘ said Marion.

‘I still miss her,’ said Gottsche. ‘I know that forgiveness is not lightly given, but I hope someday it is.’

It was also disclosed the victim’s family reaching out to prosecutor Christopher Belling on June 2 telling him that, although earlier this year they opposed Gottsche being allowed to plead to the manslaughter charge, they now found it a satisfactory resolution rather than enduring another trial.

Marcus Gottsche
Jasmine Armour
  • Catherine Crago

    I do appreciate that Marcus wrote to me asking my forgiveness and I want to forgive him…but first I need the whole story. I had been really getting into the Forgiveness Project when I found out that his conviction had been vacated. I wasn’t informed by the District Attorney’s office but rather, when I Googled his name.

    I was told in 2011 that the only reason Molly Malone wasn’t charged with homicide was because they needed her as a witness. I was told by the DA’S office that this time Molly hired a defense attorney rather than cooperate.In fact,after I gave you an interview I was finally allowed to see some of the case file for the first time and I was not surprised,but extremely upset to find that she had defensive stab wounds, a major omission in the coroner’s report I was given.I actually had taken pictures of my daughter’s body at the funeral home. The police initially tried to convince me not to come to Buffalo to get her body,offering to cremate her at the city morgue and ground mail me her ashes for the low price of only two hundred dollars.

    I have so much more to say and have much more evidence implicating Molly Malone,including Jasmine’s phone records, last few dozen messages and I am disgusted with the ongoing dishonesty and disrespect from the Erie County District Attorney’s office. No wonder that city has such a high homicide rate.They need to charge Molly Malone and fire Colleen Curtin Gable. Immediately.