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Danny Fitzpatrick school admin thought he was the problem

Danny Fitzpatrick
Pictured, Danny Fitzpatrick. Images via facebook.
Danny Fitzpatrick
Pictured, Danny Fitzpatrick. Images via facebook.

Danny Fitzpatrick suicide death; Why did school administrators come to believe that it was one student’s own fault that he was being bullied?

New damning details reveal that school administrators at Holy Angels Catholic Academy demanding that bullied school student, Daniel Fitzpatrick submit to drugs and psychology testing.

Having complained of relentless bullying which led to Danny Fitzpatrick hanging himself at the family home attic come Thursday, the 13 years old parents claim the school instead subjected their son to child welfare investigators.

Daniel Fitzpatrick suicide. Does Holy Angels have blood on its hands?

According to a report via the nypost, the parents argue the school failed to address their son’s bullying at the hands of fellow students. Instead, the implied suggestion was that something may have instead being wrong with their son, and not the behavior of tormenting fellow students.

Told Maureen Fitzpatrick,They called ACS on us in November 2015.’

Adding: ‘Danny told us they [administrators] were asking questions: ‘Do Mom and Dad drink? Do they feed you? Do they have clothes in the house?’ 

‘Next thing you know, 7:30 at night, I have an ACS officer at my door, and my son told him, ‘I just want a friend.’

Relenting, Danny Fitzpatrick’s parents agreed to drug testing and to a thorough investigation, which ultimately turned up nothing, they said.

Danny Fitzpatrick
Danny Fitzpatrick suicide note written weeks prior to taking his own life.
Danny Fitzpatrick
Pictured, Principal Rosemarie McGoldrick.

When the parents met with Principal Rosemarie McGoldrick, the school administrator suggested the bullying was ‘just a phase’ and would pass.

Except instead of passing, the bullying only intensified in coming months. Bullying which the 13 year old Bay Ridge, Brooklyn pupil sought to somehow bring to a quell.

By now outraged, Danny’s parents arranged for him to start at another school in the fall. Until then the bullying continued unabated.

In their defense, school administrators said they ‘did everything in their power’ to help Danny and his complaints about bullying did not fall on deaf ears. Even going so far as to suggest that Daniel Fitzpatrick not continue being at the school, as he might not have the necessary psychological make up.

‘Conflicts with other students were never ignored,’ Holy Angels Academy said in a statement.

‘The school provided counseling for Daniel, suspended students accused of bullying him, and met with those students parents.’

They also said that Danny attended three counseling sessions until his parents decided to discontinue the service.

Danny Fitzpatrick

The parents claimed that this past spring, four or five boys from the school ganged up on him on school grounds in a fight that left Danny with a fractured pinkie.

Instead of coming to Danny’s aid, Danny’s parents said administrators put all the boys in a room to ask what happened.

Told Maureen Fitzpatrick: ‘How do you conduct an interview with the victim and his attacker in the same room?’

‘If he said what happened, it would come back to him tenfold.’

By then, Danny trusted no one.

‘Not the teachers, not nobody,’ said the mom. ‘He didn’t want to report anything or [have] us writing letters. Nothing.’

Added Danny’s mother: ‘I’ll never have my baby back.’

A wake for Danny is scheduled Monday and Tuesday at Harmon Funeral Home on Staten Island. A funeral Mass will be said Wednesday at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Staten Island.

‘Monsters,’ the boy’s anguished dad, Daniel, called his son’s young tormentors in a Facebook video posted Saturday.

‘My son didn’t have a violent bone in his body. He had a heart of gold.’

ACS, McGoldrick and the Diocese of Brooklyn have to date declined requests for comment.

Danny Fitzpatrick
Danny Fitzpatrick father taking to facebook.

Danny Fitzpatrick

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  • allamer

    It seems that “bullying” has become a frequent topic of articles about schools. In the public schools, there is no discipline so everyone is on their own. Back in the 1950s, I was in Catholic grade school and the nuns expected everyone to be on good behavior. If someone really wanted to bully someone, they might have done it after school, but kids mostly wanted to go home. And the motivation to pick on someone was more “in the moment” instead of sustained day after day. If I had bullied someone continuously, it would have been brought to the school’s attention, and I would have been told that such behavior was un-Christian and unacceptable. If it continued, I’m sure I would have been expelled because the school simply wasn’t going to allow that kind of behavior from its students. It would be incompatible with the school’s image. But, apparently, Catholic schools have become more like public schools.

  • rs1123

    It takes a village to kill your child.

  • rs1123

    Accidentally refer to someone as a ‘he’ or ‘she’ in some schools and the person is so grievously ‘injured’ they can sue for a fortune. Not quite as bad as being bullied til you kill yourself but there will be nobody in the system willing to accept blame for this.

  • rs1123

    Mrs. Goldrick failed so badly this boy felt he had no recourse but to kill himself. That ought to look good on that fat pig’s resume. I hope Daniel’s former “friends” never forget how their actions made him feel bad enough to do this to himself. Maybe a couple of them who used to be his friends will think back to what a nice kid he was and good times they had, and wonder how they could have treated him that way. I hope their consciences torture them forever.

    Rest in peace Daniel.

  • Nora22

    The fact that ACS is a toxic environment is now well known. Producing and supporting packs of bullies and condoning teachers that single out and bully children too is enough.

    I’m sure that there will be an investigation. I hope ACS gets shut down.

    If the boy had trouble at home, school could have, should have been a haven for him. The teachers and kids could have made accommodation to help him thrive instead of targeting him and bullying him to suicide. It could have been a positive, Christian experience for all of them instead of a toxic, destructive environment.

  • KatyCourt

    Why? Have they issued a report and made it public? or the parents made it public? Those questions are usual and normal, and wondering at the mental state of the teen would be mandatory I would have hoped as the parents said he was under extraordinary pressures for several years, bullied in two schools, leaving those two schools to go to a third this September. A lot of upheaval for a teen who’s mother described him as not as mature as his classmates, and an “innocent heart”.

    I don’t have lot of faith in ACS myself, but I guess we can’t judge anyone lacking till the facts are made known.

  • Nora22

    May Daniel Fitzpatrick rest in peace, and may ACS be shut down.