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Why? Angela Blackwell kills 4 day old son after putting him in fridge

Angela Blackwell
Angela Blackwell
Pictured, Angela Blackwell. Images via facebook.

What led to Angela Blackwell, a South Carolina mother putting her newborn infant son in a refrigerator? Investigators indict after a lengthy investigation.

Angela Blackwell a 27 year old, Chester, South Carolina mother has been charged with murder after putting her four day old son in the refrigerator for three hours.

According to deputies, the mother was at her home on February 27 when she put her newly born son, William in the fridge and shut the door. After three hours passed, the woman took her son out and sought medical attention.

Angela Blackwell killer mom gets Christmas party (at home).

A coroner’s report revealed William David Blackwell dying from hypothermia with asphyxiation from being placed in the cold.

Of note, it was only disclosed after extensive investigations that the child had been placed in the fridge, information that the mother initially suppressed.

Defending the child’s mother, Angela Renee Blackwell, the newborn baby’s father, Jeff Paul Lewis, 35, and common law husband, said he did’t believe Blackwell did what she was accused of while insisting she was a ‘good mother.’

The father also told of others being in the house at the time of his son’s death. 

To date, authorities didn’t indicate interest in any other suspects other than the mother.

Angela Blackwell

Reacting to the news of Blackwell being indicted, Neely Parker told via WSOC: ‘That’s wrong,’

Adding: ‘Wrong is wrong, regardless of whatever it is. It ain’t supposed to be like that.’

Blackwell was arrested Monday on a charge of homicide by child abuse following a lengthy investigation.

The coroner said the investigation took six months because officials had to conduct extensive interviews about the newborn’s death.

The suspect’s 3-year-old son was taken by the South Carolina Department of Social Services, the Herald reported.

Of note, a report via foxnews tells of the child’s father having a lengthy arrest record.

Previous convictions include theft convictions in South Carolina dating back to 2005, with Lewis serving more than two years in prison after a probation violation, Corrections Department spokeswoman Stephanie Givens said.

Angela Blackwell now faces 20 years to life in prison. Not understood is what prompted the woman to placing her newborn son in the refrigerator and whether there had been other instances of child abuse?

Angela Blackwell

Angela Blackwell

Angela Blackwell

  • Saved16

    The fact she is/was mentally ill..well there should’ve been support and extra attention from social services..this women is being let out of prison for the holidays to be with her family.. boggles the mind

  • June Cutright

    yes, this mother looks distraught, sad, terrified. why can’t our society discuss this? why are we so superficial & attracted to the horror of the outcome but don’t want to delve into the cause of these incidents. damn we are all complicit for failing these women & their children. & yet the bastards who fight birth control : whether its funding birth control plans by hobby lobby, the hyde amendment or if women have a right to make a decision on abortion- these folks keep fighting- for what? if they can’t trust a woman to make a decision to have a child why the hell to they expect her to make good decisions when raising these children? good grief. we don’t want to fund birth control? birth counseling? this woman does not look prepared to nurture this child. & as a society, we turn a blind eye. & please don’t tell me she should carry a child & then give it up for adoption. that idea fails to consider all the hormones of birth & pregnancy which may torment the women for life. there is no perfect answer, this isn’t a perfect world.

  • Heather

    Exactly what I was thinking!

  • Rachael Lynn

    That woman looks absolutely sad, depressed, maybe terrified in that picture of her family right after giving birth….