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Gavin Long: Cosmo Setepenra life coach who believed in violent protest

Gavin Long
Pictured, Gavin Long . Image via instagram.
Gavin Long
Pictured, Gavin Long . Image via instagram.

Gavin Long: Cosmo Setepenra life coach and alter ego who demanded violence and restitution of African American rights while believing he was being chased.

In the aftermath of Sunday morning’s Baton Rouge, Louisiana shooting which left three police officers dead and three wounded at the hands of Gavin Long, a disturbing montage is beginning to develop of the 29 year old Kansas City shooter who had purposefully ambushed police.

Having served with the U.S. Marine Corps between 2005-2010 before been honorably discharged at the rank of sergeant, Gavin Eugene Long eventually developed an online alias/alter ego, Cosmo Setepenra, where he beseeched followers to use violence to affirm the rights of African Americans.

Using social media, Cosmo Setepenra described himself as a ‘freedom strategist,’ ‘mental game coach,’ and ‘spiritual advisor,’ where under the pseudonym and self described   blog, Convos with Cosmo, Long implored followers on Twitter and Instagram and youtube to ‘fight back’ against the injustices wrought on the African American community.

‘You gotta fight back,’ he urged viewers in a video recorded a week ago on his youtube page, I Am Cosmo.

Describing the fatal shooting of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, earlier this month as ‘justice’, Long urged black men to make sacrifices for their race.

Nevertheless, Gavin Long distanced himself, from well-known groups campaigning for African American rights.

‘I thought my own thoughts, I made my own decisions – I’m the one who’s gotta listen to the judgment,’ he said in another clip.

Convos with Cosmo: Gavin Eugene Long paranoia blog

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Another video showed the self described life coach on a solo mission, Cosmo Setepenra expressing disgust over the arrest of protesters demonstrating in Baton Rouge over the fatal shooting of 37 year old Baton Rouge man, Alton Sterling earlier this month.

Yet as much as Gavin Eugene Long sought to express and demand rectification of injustices dealt to African Americans, the life coach’s videos and social media posts also pointed to an individual laden with paranoia and mental instability.

One complaint included Cosmo Setepenra expressing among like minded message board users that he was a long-term victim of ‘gang-stalking’, a term referencing a presupposed form of government and corporate surveillance.

Claiming to be a round-the-clock ‘TI’ – targeted individual, Long urged followers to wear body cameras to monitor such surveillance and to warn companies involved in harassment ‘that we are going to expose your involvement and rate your poor performances & games on the internet’.

Gavin Long

Gavin LongIn another online video pre-empting questions about Gavin Long’s motivations, the Baton Rouge shooter told viewers that ‘if anything happens to me’, he should not be viewed as affiliated with organized groups despite past membership of the Nation of Islam and others.

‘I’m affiliated with the spirit of justice,‘ he said. ‘Nothing else.’

According to a report via the guardian, connections between Gavin Long and his alter-ego Cosmo Setepenra were revealed through registration logs underpinning a series of websites.

One site registered earlier this year included someone, presumably Long himself using his name and home address in Kansas City, Missouri, and an email address that has also been used by Setepenra, purportedly a radio host and life coach based in Kansas City.

Law enforcement converged on an address in the city on Sunday.

A Facebook page in the name of Cosmo Setepenra was taken down late on Sunday afternoon, following the shootings in Louisiana. It was unclear why the page was taken down and by whom?

A recent posting had stated: ‘Violence is not THE answer (it is a answer), but at what point do you stand up so that you and your people dont become the Native Americans…EXTINCT?’

Two photographs posted on the page featured black children holding a piece of paper reading: ‘JUSTICE FOR ALL THE BLACK AMERICANS’.

On a Twitter page using the Setepenra identity, Gavin Long in the early hours of Sunday stated: ‘Just [because] you wake up every morning doesn’t mean that you’re living. And just [because] you shed your physical body doesn’t mean that you’re dead.’

Video footage posted on the Setepenra Facebook page earlier this month appeared to show Long in Dallas, Texas, where five police officers had been killed by a gunman at the end of a protest against the excessive use of force by law enforcement.

In a video separately posted to YouTube on 10 July, Long said he was in Dallas. In that post, the self described freedom fighter compared the fighting of oppression by black people today to the efforts of American revolutionaries.

‘But when an African fights back, it’s wrong,’

‘You gotta fight back – that’s the only way a bully knows to quit,’ told the man in what appears to be in a series of incoherent musings.

In another video, Long embarked on racially charged rants against white and Asian people, accusing ‘Arabs and Indians’ of exploiting black Americans for money.


Gavin Long

Gavin Long

  • Todd Giffen

    Aaron Alexis the Navy Yard Shooter was one of the first, all because society failed to yield to my and other experts warnings of the governments real and nefarious plots. http://www.aaronalexisnavyshooter.com

    Myron May former public defender and prosecutor in New Mexico was next in 2014, again only a victim because society failed to yield to warnings of mass government corruption and fraud waste and abuse. http://www.myronmaysflashdrive.com/

    Gavin Long tip regarding his and all other citizens targeting – why the cops assassination was justified. And more shootings will come as the government seeks to drive us all to kill and fight back.

    Many experts from government have all reported the same basic mechanisms of how this works .. NSA sits on top, fusion centers in each state tie the local cops into NSA, various abuses against individuals happen such as surveillance, irradiating by the NSA satellite and over the horizon radar which enables through wall surveillance and brain/body scans to be done on anyone in secret, stalking, roleplaying, slashing of tires, misdirection of mail, gaslighting, touchless torture, and other abuses. Homeland security has recruitment videos on YouTube and Craigslist. FBI pays stipends for people to do dirty deeds.

    All the local cops, prosecutors are in on it and don’t take action to stop it, and protect it on up to the attorney general’s office of each state. The judicial system does the same and protects it, they never bite the hand that operates the whole game. Judges issue many secret warrants and dismiss complaints of abuse to protect it all. One article I have was saying state judges actually issue more warrants than the federal judiciary and as the records are all sealed, the public has no idea how integrated the local state city and county governments are. The article says the courts have gone completely black. Still no warrant is necessary for surveillance to be done especially the stalking variety, or NSA type. With NSA they use the satellites and radar as they wish, and the fiber optic taps secretly collect every phone call and internet activity- content not just metadata.

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    People going to keep ignoring the victims and government whistleblowers on this so we are forced into doing more mass shootings?

    Todd Giffen



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