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Yang Dae-jin, South Korean dad killed after suicide student lands on top of him

Yang Dae-jin
Pictured, the South Korean city of Gwangju. © wikimedia.
Yang Dae-jin
Pictured, the South Korean city of Gwangju. © wikimedia.

How Yang Dae-jin a South Korean civil servant came to die at the hands of a suicidal student preparing for his civil service exams. The pressure of excelling. 

Yang Dae-jin a South Korean father has been killed after the civil servant was hit by a student who’d jumped to their death.

The incident according to a report via the Korea Times comes after the 39 year old civil servant was making his way home from work when a 25 year old male student jumped from the 20th floor of an apartment building on Tuesday.

The report told of Yang Dae-jin sustaining severe injuries to his head and later dying in hospital. The student according to local media was killed instantly. Not necessarily understood is what compelled the un-named student to take his life.

Police later told of finding half a bottle of liquor and a suicide note in the corridor of the 20th floor.

At the time, the South Korean dad was walking below with his pregnant wife and five year old son in the town of Gwangju. He’d been working in the public relations department in the adjacent county of Gokseong.

Of note, the student was reportedly preparing to take the civil service exam.

Told a police officer: ‘We are considering charging the student with accidental homicide,’

‘The case will be concluded without indictment as the student is dead, but this procedure is expected to help Yang’s family receive compensation.’

According to a report via the Korea Joonang Daily Yang Dae-jin’s family forgave the student and decided not to seek compensation. The report disclosed the uncle discovering that the deceased student’s family suffering financially, leading him not to pursue further action against the student’s family.

Speaking at his funeral, his widow’s 53-year-old uncle, surnamed Seo, said: ‘The college student who committed suicide is another victim of our mercilessly competitive society.

‘So we have decided to forgive him.’

When asked further about the student, the uncle added: ‘I heard he was preparing for the civil servant examination.

‘The family must be also going through a hard time from the loss of their beloved one. I can’t imagine how it would feel like to lose my son so suddenly.

‘Yang’s wife went through a lot, but she finally decided to forgive the student.’

The incident has since led to internet users offering a variety of comments, see what you think?

‘What a catastrophe for both families, the parents of the student will feel like they have to apologize even though they also lost their child. And the circumstances of the civil servant’s family are unbelievably tragic.’

‘How tragic would it be to see your husband or father die before your own eyes?’