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Jenna Wall shot dead by mother in law after having affair

Jenna Wall
Jenna Wall
Pictured, Jenna Wall and her two sons.

Jenna Wall murder: How an acrimonious divorce led to one mother in law, Elizabeth Wall taking matters into her own hands.

Elizabeth Betsy Wall a 63 year old woman has been arrested after shooting dead her former daughter in law, Jenna Wall, after allegations that the 35 year old, Cobb CountyAtlanta kindergarten teacher had been ensconced in an affair.

The shooting according to ajc happened at Jenna Wall’s parent’s Powder SpringsWyndham Woods Drive home after their kindergarten school teacher daughter had moved back in with her two children into the childhood home she had grown up in following the beginning of acrimonious divorce proceedings involving her husband.

Leading into the shooting, Jenna Wall’s estranged husband, Jerrod Wall, a DA investigator, accused his estranged wife, a ‘beloved’ Cobb County kindergarten teacher of having an affair with a former high school sweetheart.

While investigators declined to provide a motive into the killing, court records cited by ajc showed the estranged couple amidst a ‘messy break up’ and custody battle over their two sons, ages 7 and 8, with Jenna having first filed divorce papers against her estranged husband who in turn filed counter claim divorce papers against her.

Jenna Wall

In filed papers in April, Jerrod Wall accused his wife, a Kemp Elementary kindergarten teacher of allegedly cheating on him with her boyfriend from high school.

‘My passion has also been working with children,’ wrote Jenna Wall on her school blog.

Pictures on the blog showed a happy mother with two smiling boys, who she called the ‘most precious gifts from God.’ Nowhere on the school website was there a mention of her husband.

The Walls who first married in July, 2004, separated last year, with Jenna Wall and the couple’s two kids moving back into her parents’ home. But, in his divorce filing, Jerrod Wall alleged that his soon-to-be ex-wife and her new lover interfered with his relationship with the boys.

According to the estranged husband, Jenna Wall reconnected with her former flame on social media in 2013, and a year later they started meeting up in person. The pair according to the claim texted and emailed on a daily basis, and at least once, Jenna Wall had the man over for a romantic rendezvous while her two sons were home.

At the time of the Jenna Wall’s murder, her estranged husband had petitioned the court for custody of their two sons.

A police report tells of Elizabeth Wall having gone to Jenna Wall’s home Thursday morning and putting her grandsons in her car before calling her son at work in the District Attorney’s Office. She told Jerrod to come get his kids , with the mother in law having not answered her son when he called her back.

With the boys buckled into the car out front, Elizabeth Wall went back into the house and shot Jenna Wall.

As Jerrod Wall drove to the house, he spoke with one of his sons on the phone. According to police records, the son said he could hear gunshots coming from inside the house, where his mom and grandma were.

When the DA investigator got to his estranged wife’s home, he found her dead in the kitchen. His mother was sitting in the living room holding a gun to her head.

Police arrested Elizabeth Wall and charged her with murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony and third-degree cruelty to children. She was denied bond Friday.

Elizabeth Wall next scheduled is set for July 12 in Superior Court.

Jenna Wall
Elizabeth Wall
Jenna Wall
Pictured Elizabeth Wall, her husband and their youngest son.
Jenna Wall
Jerrod Wall.
Jenna Wall
Happier times …

Jenna Wall

Jenna Wall

Jenna Wall

Jenna Wall

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  • AnnBlakeTracy

    jb is exactly right in pointing out that there are more attacks with baseball bats. And do you know why? Because people on antidepressants – the drugs fueling the very large majority of these tragedies, LOVE baseball bats as weapons! They also stockpile guns and knives and bombs and hammers….you name it! When I walked into the Columbine evidence room what I was looking for were the baseball bats – yes they were there because both boys were on these meds as have all the school shooters but two.

    The world needs to understand that these drugs are known to produce both homicidal and suicidal ideation. What is ideation? It is a compulsion with ruminating thoughts of killing either oneself or others or both. Mental illness is the excuse used to give the drugs (but they prescribe them for everything, even warts!) and it is not mental illness, it is the drugs given for it. I have testified in these cases for 25 years and looking at this woman and considering her actions I would almost take bets this is another antidepressant-induced tragedy just like the Katy, TX mother, Christie Sheats, last week who gunned down her two daughters before committing suicide by cop, http://www.drugawareness.org/mental-illness-texas-mom-gun-advocate-kills-two-daughters-shot-police/ or the Plano, TX teen, McCann Utu, II, who on Prozac in April stabbed his mother and brother to death and then stabbed himself to death while calling 911 to report their deaths. This was a young man who was VERY close to his mother and brother. There was no other reason other than he had a serious head injury and antidepressants should never be given to anyone with a serious head injury. http://www.drugawareness.org/antidepressants-head-injury-teen-stabbed-mother-brother-self-death-ie11/

    Here is a database representing just the tip of this iceberg of tragedies with about 5000 of these cases – you will be amazed at the cases you will find there: http://www.SSRIstories.NET

    It is NOT the guns or the knives or the baseball bats or the bombs or hammers, etc. I IS THE DRUGS and their long lists of side effects which admit they cause this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do we allow drugs on the market with suicide and homicide as side effects? Can someone tell me what is safe or effective about homicide or suicide?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Headhunter

    Yep you are right it’s how people deals with the situation. Praying for both families.

  • Headhunter

    The sad part about this story is once you take somebody life it over two families are torn apart because this woman took matters into her hands we all make choices and decisions in life with out thinking about the consequence’s of our action. I’m speaking from experience I choose to just walk away it wasn’t worth it.

  • Headhunter

    Yes I totally agree two wrongs never make a right. My heart goes out to both of these families especially the children.

  • jb

    That makes as much sense as saying they all would be alive if she hadn’t filed for divorce…. or begun an emotional affair while married. You also evidently don”t realize gun deaths (shooting others) are down… Where is your sentence on how we need to ban assault rifles? Wonderful logic. If she wanted her dead she would be dead gun or no gun. This was no spur of the moment act… no trigger and quick reaction like grabbing a gun our of a drawer. To blame a gun is silly. Sad it happened but logic escapes you. Knives.. yeah knives or baseball bats (you realize in the US more are killed by baseball bats…. ban em. Educate yourself.. check how gun bans have impacted total violent crimes in England and Australia. Compare the number of guns increase to the number of crimes in the US. Look at homicides per 100,000 in the US vs other countries then divide by the number of gun to get a fair comparison… Don’t just grab throw away slogans. She was alone in the house with the woman. she would have found a way to kill her. She chose a gun. If she had chosen a to kill her with a kitchen knife would you have said ban those? What about if she had strangled her with the cord of a vacuum cleaner… ban em?

  • JROC

    Whatever reason(s) they were divorcing, a.) It’s their business b.) Did not give this savage animal the right to take her life.

  • JROC

    Why is there no conversation about who inspired this white to commit such horrific terrorism? Was she inspired by WHITESIS???

  • Chach

    This has been happening since biblical times. Remember Cain and Abel? Gun, or no gun, senseless deaths happen all the time. Since the beginning of time. If guns didn’t exist there would be stabbings, which still continue to happen, along with bullying that leads to suicide, drugs, etc. It’s not about the weapon it’s about the person and how that person deals with the situation. There’s only one solution, one answer, one truth that can change the heart of all mankind, Jesus. Much prayer for both families involved should be our immediate focus.

  • im2bizzy

    Another senseless death because of a gun. If Mrs. Wall hadn’t had access to one, no matter how distraught or angry or hurt she was, those boys would have their mom today. No argument of “mental illness” will change the fact that gun deaths are way, way out of control. A few years ago, this mother in law might have kicked her butt or talked smack about her. Now she busts a cap in her and destroys life after life after life……INSANE.

  • Kristen Cross

    All I can say is that I knew Jenna personally and she was an amazing person. I might add that divorce petitions are not fact based. They are allegations between the two people. I really think people shouldn’t post things that are ‘allegations’ made by her soon to be ex and pass them off as truth and she’s not here to defend herself.