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Patricia Perez Gonzalez photos: How I stole $2m to bankroll my illegal lavish life

Patricia Perez Gonzalez
Patricia Perez Gonzalez: 'Why decline?'
Patricia Perez Gonzalez
Patricia Perez Gonzalez is also a preferred hawt bixch. Images via social media.

Patricia Perez Gonzalez imagined gilded amazing life at other people’s expense. How one brazen bikini model documented her ill gotten lavish life and then some.

Patricia Perez Gonzalez a sultry bikini vixen along with her boyfriend have been indicted  on fraudulent charges after stealing more than $2 million in an identity theft ring which saw the Miami based couple use ill gotten funds to fund lavish trips, luxury cars and extravagant shopping sprees.

The charges against the 25 year old ‘hot bikini model’ and Alberto Companioni, 31 and others comes after the Manhattan DA’s office discovered the identity theft racket which saw up to 40 American Express Platinum cards used with victim’s stolen information.

According to a report via the nypost, the cards were then mailed to vacant homes across the country where the conniving couple or their accomplices snatched them up over a two-year period.

According to the DA’s office, the ring primarily targeted the elderly.

According to filed court records, Patricia Perez Gonzalez and her beau flew to New York, California and Hawaii, dined at pricey restaurants like Bagatelle while spending tens of thousands at Hermes, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and the Apple store.

Why decline?

So self enamored was Patricia Perez-Gonzalez with her illicit lifestyle, the bikini model made a point of often sharing racy images on her twitter feed @PattyAllTh3Time, while also reselling acquired goods through her online clothing shop Le Fashion Wheels.

Posts on her private instagram account often showed Patricia Perez Gonzalez living the high life  with friends complementing the bikini model’s success.

Not satisfied, Perez-Gonzalez also frequently submitted scantily clad pics of herself to Maxim magazine’s Twitter feed #HotPicAtNoon!

Patricia Perez Gonzalez
Patricia Perez Gonzalez: ‘Why decline?’

Officials told of the duo’s Miami pad filled with stolen merchandise, including racing bikes, expensive skiing gear, a Rolex watch and Chanel handbags, officials said.

Authorities also seized forged IDs, blank credit cards, a credit card encoder and victims’ credit reports.

Perez and Companioni were arraigned in March on charges of grand larceny and identity theft. They’re being held on $500,000 bond.

‘Across the country, the defendants spared no expense while enjoying the use of credits cards opened in their victims’ names and inflicting damage on their credit,’ said DA Cyrus Vance Jr.