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Meechaiel Khalil Criner school interview: ‘I want to help others’

Meechaiel Khalil Criner

Meechaiel Khalil Criner

A Meechaiel Khalil Criner high school newspaper interview reveals a troubled youth from a broken family and foster care aspiring to prevail and to help others.

A thread on the internet has revealed that Meechaiel Khalil Criner, the 17 year old suspect since charged with the murder of University of Texas student, Haruka Weiser giving an interview with a local Austin, Texas high school newspaper.

In an article titled ‘Voice of Hope: Sophomore finds determination to help others despite traumatizing past,’ the youth is described as a young man who has fought valiantly to overcome his brutal reality.

The article tells of the youth having been bullied, with Meechaiel Khalil Criner conceding, ‘I’ve been bullied my whole life’

Adding: ‘In elementary school, I would come home crying about every day. It was because of my accent, you see. People couldn’t really understand me.’

Meechaiel Criner grandmother: ‘He would get along until you made him mad and then he snapped’

Why did Meechaiel Criner murder Haruka Weiser?

Who killed Haruka Weiser and why?

From there Meechaiel Criner reveals coming from a broken family, with his mother having sent him to live with his grandmother because his mother ‘didn’t want to be responsible for kids.’

The interview goes on to describe Meechaiel Criner’s upcoming Christmas festivities, of home cooking, home decorations, this despite the fact that at the time of Meechaiel Khalil Criner’s arrest, the youth was described as being a homeless youth. Which is to suggest the youth in all likelihood came to recently run away.

Meechaiel Khalil Criner
CCTV video surveillance of Meechaiel Khalil Criner on the evening of Haruka Weiser’s murder.

The troubling account of Meechaiel Khalil Criner’s life also reveals Haruka Weiser’s murderer having to leave elementary school and find hospice into foster homes before eventually ending up at his grandmothers.

From there Meechaiel Criner describes foster care being a kind of hell, ‘almost a prison,’ hinting at the young man’s anger and hostility that would evolve over time.

The article tells of the youth having been a victim of physical violence (authorities have intimated that Haruka Weiser was violently assaulted whilst declining to specify the nature of her injuries and exact cause of death), of Criner being locked in the bedroom and thrown to the ground and physically hurt. Never mind the psychological ramifications such treatment would have on the youth who presumably over time came to resent his lot and the world around him.

Yet it’s the tragic statement which catches readers.

Explains the embittered teen, ‘I like to stand up for people,’ adding ‘I like to help others.’

The interview ends with the youth conceding that his future plans are unclear along with the poignant ironic realization that one day he would leave a legacy behind, but not the one the youth probably ever in his wildest dreams ever imagined.

Tells the youth: ‘Every day, I feel people think I’m not capable of much. What I want to leave bending is my name- I want them to know who Meechaiel Criner is.’

Meechaiel Khalil Criner

Meechaiel Khalil Criner
Arrested on Thursday.

Meechaiel Khalil Criner


Meechaiel Khalil Criner
Victim Haruka Weiser


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  • Gay For Justin Bieber

    It raped and murdered a girl and you’re worried about the content of my post.

  • jim c

    “If I had a son…..” – Barry

  • jim c

    Let’s just feel real bad for this guy. Kinda like the poor “tousled haired misundertood” “boy” who was the Boston Marathon bomber.

  • Devi

    Really uncalled for.

  • Gay For Justin Bieber

    Stop making excuses for this murderous rapist chimp who should never have been allowed into the USA…Someone shoot it in the back of the head for the good of mankind.

  • elda

    I agree…there is a lot made of the difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old. I have seen under age teens do things thinking they will be dealt with lightly because they are underage. The same thing happens when they have a hard childhood. I am sorry for difficulties but people should be judged by the facts found. Just use the facts. Don’t let your feelings get in the way. Everyone should serve on a jury and find out what it is like to be on that side before trying to automatically judge without the facts. It is not a perfect system but at least it tries to be fair. Equal justice.

  • blackballs

    He gud boi. He dindu nuffins.

  • Joe

    He was born a poor black child.


    I wonder when the Rev Al Sharpton will show up?
    Maybe he is busy

  • pants

    Thank you for being among the few on the Internet who seem to care about due process (by thoughtfully adding “if he is guilty”). Having said that, the evidence released thus far by APD are reasonably convincing in pointing to him as the perpetrator. He is a minor though, so I hope his punishment – if he is found guilty – is not going to be soft.

  • trboone

    Who CARES what he went thru…. Bullied?? um sure someone laughed at the way he talked….. THAT led to MURDER???? Miss me with this nonsense!

  • Sharon Cooks

    Your story is incorrect. The article you are speaking of was done at his former high school in Texarkana Texas at Texas High School, which is about 400 miles from Austin. Praying for his victim and her family.


  • HoratioCaine

    well, we all know who you are now punk.

  • elda

    I do not want anyone to try to justify murder by saying “look at how hard his childhood was”. It is no justification. Many people grow up in HORRIBLE situations and end up wonderful compassionate people. This was, if he is guilty, a choice. Just judge the facts of the murder and forget everything like race and upbringing.

  • looms ominously

    he a good boy. need mo money fo dem programs