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Who’s to blame? Amy Inita Joyner school girl beaten to death by gang of girls over boy

Amy Inita Joyner
Pictured Amy Inita Joyner
Amy Inita Joyner
Pictured Amy Inita Joyner

Amy Inita Joyner Delaware school girl beaten to death: Who bears ultimate culpability for the death of one teen? Debate ensues as social media erupts. 

Sixteen year old Delaware girl, Amy Inita Joyner has died after a fight with a fellow female student over a boy escalated to her being jumped by a gang of other girls who slammed her head against a bathroom sink.

Matters came to a head after a fight broke out between Amy Inita Joyner-Francis and another teen before class circa 8.15 am at Howard High School of Technology, a vocational school in Wilmington, Delaware.

Students who’d witnessed the scuffle told of the altercation taking place in one of the female bathrooms, when a gang of other girls jumped Amy Joyner.

The beating in turn led to the victim’s head being banged on a sink, where police told Amy Inita Joyner lost consciousness. Never to wake up ever again.

Reacting to the incident, Gary Fullman, chief of staff to the Wilmington mayor told KTLA: There was an altercation that initially started between two people, and my understanding is that additional individuals joined in against the one person.’

Offered school pupil Kaya Wilson who was in a stall when the fighting first broke out: ‘She was fighting a girl, and then that’s when all these other girls started banking her -like jumping her – and she hit her head on the sink.’

Despite Joyner being flown to A.I. DuPont Children’s Hospital in critical condition, she was later pronounced dead.

A report via 6ABC told of the cause of death yet to be confirmed.

Amy Inita Joyner

News media outlets quoted Police Chief Bobby Cummings as saying that two female students were taken to police headquarters for questioning. 

Offered Mayor Dennis Williams during a news conference: ‘I’m so upset that the young lady lost her life today. Things like this shouldn’t happen. My heart bleeds for the family, the kids that go to this school, administrators and our city.’

Sherry Dorsey Walker, a Wilmington city councilwoman, says she has known the victim and her family for quite some time and had been asked by the family to speak on their behalf.

Speaking on behalf of the victim’s family, Walker insisted relatives sought spiritual healing in the community and no retaliation. She added that family were also ‘asking people to just be calm and pray for them’.

Nathaniel Kenyatta, a freshman and a friend of Amy Inita Joyner told of the victim being an easy person to talk to.

Offered the teen via Delaware Online: ‘She was very open,’

 ‘I feel bad for the people who have known her for years.’

Amy Inita Joyner

Friends and neighbors attending a vigil for Amy Inita Joyner, Thursday night said she’d been a quiet teen who focused on her homework.

Nik Stryminski told the News-Journal that Amy had kept him safe and out of a fight earlier this school year.

When he and another student were getting ready to fight she stepped in, backed him into a corner and calmed him down.

He said: ‘She didn’t believe in fighting, and the craziest thing is she died in a fight.’

Stryminski said Amy went into the bathroom not to fight but to ‘talk things out’. 

Troy Johnson, a sophomore at Howard, said Amy was a good influence to her peers with her calm personality, he said.

‘If I were to have kids I’d want them to hang around someone like her.’

Another student said Amy Inita Joyner was often counseling friends.

Amil Gibbs, a sophomore at Howard said she would sit with Amy during lunch and tell her about problems she had in school, telling that Amy in turn encouraged her to ‘be strong.’

And Amy would encourage her to ‘be strong’. 

In the wake of Amy Inita Joyner’s death, a trending hashtag, #RIPAmy on social media has led to commentators called the teen’s death senseless.

Others expressed disbelief that no one attempted to intervene, why no one sought to seek teacher’s assistance, while others expressed outrage that students had stood there watching and recording the fight.

One Twitter user said she prays ‘for this generation’ and hopes ‘justice will be served’, while another said the world needs a ‘cultural shift’. 

Howard isn’t known as a violent school and Police Chief Cummings said he did not know of any other problems in recent days.

Superintendent Victoria Gehrt called Amy’s death an ‘unbelievable tragedy for the family’ while insisting Howard High School of Technology was ‘a safe school for our students’.

A sobering reflection from City Councilman Nnamdi Chukwuocha said fights among young women not being uncommon. Many programs are focused on young, black men in the city, but Chukwuocha said too often, organizations overlook the needs of young women.

Told Chukwuocha: ‘Some of the worst fights I’ve seen in the community have been with the females,’

Adding: ‘We need to address the needs of the young women. As of right now, I don’t think we’re doing that.’

  • MileHigh

    The root cause for this tragedy is the ongoing CRISIS that has been taking place in the black community. The majority of black folk are good people, but there is a huge minority of ratchets and thugs that cause so much hate, violence, fear, intimidation, misery, and death for millions and millions of people of all races each and every day. You just have to look at the street fight videos on YouTube to see frightening ridiculous brutal out-of-control mindless hyper-violence between groups of black teens and adults. You see people trying to run down other people with cars. You see the people filming it laughing about it and encouraging the violence. That’s why that poor girl in Brooklyn was almost murdered and ripped limb from limb by six black teen girls last year. That’s why a homeless man was beaten to death by a black woman and her young children last year. There is a CRISIS in the black community with bad ratchet parents raising bad ratchet children. Obscene behaviour and obscene violence are ‘normal’ in that part of the black community that is in CRISIS. Good black folk have to somehow deal with this serious problem and restore normalcy to the entire black community. There is a crisis of the mind and the heart and the soul in the black community.

    Have no doubt, the root cause for this girl’s death is the ongoing and serious CRISIS in the black community. The greater black community has to face this problem head-on and somehow fix it. This girl’s death is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg and illustrates the problem. If the entire black community had a restored normal functioning civil behaviour then this sickening violence would be unthinkable and never would have happened. Any normal black child should be saying this type of behaviour is ridiculous and unthinkable. Instead, we have out-of-control black children beating each other and beating random people on the street and laughing about it and enjoying it.

    There is a CRISIS in the black community.

  • kim

    This child was probably targeted for her looks, this was not all about a boy for other girls to involve themselves in this fight and knowing that they would hurt this girl, this was a build up of jealously that sounds like it was an ongoing issue, it’s so sad that our young girls have become so full of hat just because they can’t embrace themselves for who they are, i saw on an interview that these kids at this school are bragging about having this video and what’s so sad is one boy said that the girl that fought Amy gave him the video, these kids are asking other kids to follow them and have named the video “Amy fight’ this is so disgusting, it’s crazy because none of these girls seem to think they are not going to be punished, I think that within a few more days when everyone has watched the video in school, reality will set in when the same kids that set around and laugh with the bullies start talking and repeating all the information and giving up names because they will, these girls should be charged as adults

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  • indigochild

    Whose to blame? Uh obviously the girls who did it number one, then I’d say the school for not having bathroom security sadly in this world we live in a high school age student can’t go to the bathroom like you would think they would be capable of doing. But most of all I blame the parents for raising such disgusting sorry excuses of humanbeings. More like animals

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Someone died – they all share the blame whether the law enforces it or not. So sad.