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‘Leigh Anne Arthur stop lying, it’s your fault’, David Eubanks

David Eubanks
Why is Interim superintendent David Eubanks refusing to concede that he may after all have gotten it all wrong? Should Leigh Anne Arthur be reinstated?
David Eubanks
Why is Interim superintendent David Eubanks refusing to concede that he may after all have gotten it all wrong? Should Leigh Anne Arthur be reinstated?

David Eubanks: Has one educator mixed personal judgement and moral mores for facts?

It seems Interim superintendent of the Union Schools District, South Carolina, David Eubanks has no intention of conceding that he may have after all got it all wrong as the educator has now doubled down, after releasing a statement asserting (once again)  that Union High school teacher, Leigh Anne Arthur is lying to the media while continuing to blame her for her own demise.

The man’s statement comes after the 16 year old student in the center of a fiasco which saw Arthur’s private (risqué) images being widely disseminated behind her back to the student body being charged by authorities on Friday.

Charged with violating the state’s computer crime act along with aggravated voyeurism and facing the possibility of a maximum fine of  $10,500 and four years in prison, the actions against the teen were the first time the student faced any consequences for his illicit actions.

Leigh Anne Arthur student who stole teacher images charged

Leigh Anne Arthur petition. School calls her a liar.

Right decision? Leigh Anne Arthur S.C teacher forced to resign after student leaks risque photos

To date, the school district has declined to discipline the student after he obtained access to the teacher’s cellphone, going on to share risqué images on the teacher’s phone, images that the woman teacher had no intention of ever sharing with the public at large. 

While commentators on the web have accepted that Leigh Anne Arthur may have used bad judgement in leaving her phone unattended when she left a classroom unattended for a duration of four minutes, commentators have unanimously supported the view that the teacher’s right to privacy had been violated and that she shouldn’t have been given the ultimatum of either accept being fired or forced to resign.

The decision to remove the teacher from the school came after David Eubanks earlier in the week insisted that while the teacher’s privacy may have been violated she was at fault by bringing said images on her phone to school and thus creating moral turpitude and aggravating the delinquency of a minor.

David Eubanks
Leigh Anne Arthur

Told David Eubanks in a statement after the delinquent student’s arrest yesterday: It is my understanding that one student has been charged with the crime of transmitting pornographic material using electronic media.  The exact charges have not been provided to the school district by local police who have been involved with this incident from the start.  The student will now also face possible expulsion from the school District.

‘It is truly unfortunate that a teacher charged with proper supervision and care of students failed to fulfill that responsibility in her classroom.  Evidence indicates that Leigh Anne Arthur was not in her assigned position at the time of the incident.  Evidence also indicates that she allowed students to use her personal cell phone on a regular and routine basis.  Evidence also indicates that the phone was routinely left on her desk for student use and was never locked.

‘Ms. Arthur has used the media to transmit false information obviously intended for the purpose of deflecting the incident totally to students.  The evidence available, points to the extent of her false statements.

‘Her failure to supervise her students along with allowing students routine access to her personal cell phone constitute an evident unfitness for Ms. Arthur to continue as a classroom teacher.  We are not aware of charges that may be filed against Ms. Arthur.  We do know that her failure to properly supervise students entrusted to her care will negatively impact the lives of students and their parents.’

David Eubanks

While many have since called for the school to suspend/censor the student, David Eubanks has in fact done nothing of the sort, as the student is understood to remain an active school participant. A point of action which comprises the notion that ill behaving students ought to always be held accountable for their actions.

A lack of action which parallels David Eubanks’ view that Leigh Anne Arthur in essence deserved everything that has since happened to her for lacking the foresight to know that as a woman, while she may have a private life at home, any mention or revelation of said private life, especially if it involves the exposure of risqué image is not to be tolerated, permitted or encouraged.

Raising the question since when does what a teacher do in the privacy of her own home or outside of work ever compromise her or his ability to provide a solid education? Or to put it bluntly, are teachers to be held to a higher moral standard where revelations of any actions, behavior, images, even outside of school hours can never be condoned?

Can we not argue that perhaps educators this time round have got it all wrong and if so, instead of doubling down, shouldn’t they just concede as such and realize that sometimes the actions, choices of teaching personnel is theirs to make alone and not at the discretion and judgement of society….

David Eubanks

David Eubanks

  • Eric

    I find it unacceptable this man is still employed, which means the people in charge of his employment agree with this moronic view.

  • Mike

    Union County Schools Superintendent Dr. David Eubanks has handled this situation very poorly…and needs to be removed from his position ASAP.

  • Noble Fresh, M.S.

    There was nothing dumb abt this situation. She has to right to keep that pic in her phone as long as she wishes. She probably goes back to look at the pic and thinks to herself, “Damn I looked good in this pic.” That kid had no right. I’m glad the kid is finally being charged. I’d sue the school district AND the family of the kid. Would be rich and sit at home taking all the “inappropriate” pictures I want.

  • Jess C

    So basically, if you got naked videos at your home and someone breaks into your house, takes those videos and posts them online, it’s YOUR fault for making those videos in the first place?

    What an adult does with their cell phone is THEIR right to do. If they want to have kitty pictures in their phone, fine. If they want to have snap shots of their dinner meal, fine. If they want to take a sexy selfie, fine. It’s none of your business. Furthermore, just because it’s a sexy selfie and not a kitty pic doesn’t entitle anyone to break into that cell phone and distribute that material without permission.

    I swear, the internet festers with bigoted people everyday… First the angsty feminazies and now this. Just send us a meteor and be done with it already.

  • Richard Hurtz

    First of all, did the superintendent, and educator, misspell “you’re” or was that the idiot journalist?
    Secondly, if I was that teacher, I would not want my job back, I would go for a multi-million dollar lawsuit. I have been a teacher for over 30 years and I would not go in to teaching today because kids are out of control.
    Finally, I must say this – why would any adult take a nude picture and keep it on a cell phone? First of all, hey, your husband has seen it already – all of it, multiple times! I kind of doubt this was for him…. but, in any case, anyone who takes a naked pic on a cell phone and sends it anywhere is a horse’s ass. Nothing is safe in cyberspace. Dumb ass teacher!
    STILL – she can be a rich, retired dumb ass teacher.

  • Clive

    The quick and easy translation for Eubanks’ comments are: “The slut was asking for it.”