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Did Sofya Tsygankova murder Vadym Kholodenko daughters? Wife held for mental evaluation

Sofya Tsygankova
Sofya Tsygankova
Pictured Vadym Kholodenko and Sofya Tsygankova and their two late children.

Authorities refuse to tell if Sofya Tsygankova, the wife of acclaimed Ukrainian pianist, Vadyn Kholodenko is the chief murder suspect in the double homicide of the couple’s daughters.

Eyes have now turned to Sofya Tsygankova after authorities have told this afternoon that world acclaimed Ukrainian pianist Vadym Kholodenko is not a suspect in the death of his two children, along with the stabbing of the man’s wife: Sofya Tsygankova.

The announcement comes after news of the discovery of sisters, Nika and Michela Kholodenko aged five and one found deceased in their beds at the Benbrook, Texas family home Thursday morning.

A report via rt tells the discovery came after Vadym Kholodenko arrived at the home to pick up his daughters for a scheduled visit when he made the horrific discovery.

A report via the Dallas Morning News confirms that the dead children had no sign of physical injury, with the cause of death a mystery and now subject to an autopsy.

Assaulted was the children’s mother, pianist, Sofya Tsygankova, 31, who was found with stab wounds, who managed to survive her attack at their family home at 6600 block of Waterwood Trail.

Of question is if the wounds were self afflicted pursuant to the murder of her two children?

While speculation ran rampant that Kholodenko may have been involved after revelations that the father and mother were in the midst of divorce proceedings and were living separately since last August, Cmdr. David Babcock told that the pianist was not a suspect.

Noted a press release: ‘He had an appointment to pick up the children at 9:20am which was the normal practice arranged between both parents.’

The press release noted Kholodenko ‘initiated the 911 call.’

Sofya Tsygankova
Pictured, Nika and Michela Kholodenko.

Of note, authorities told no outside suspects were being investigated, with the implication now being that Kholodenko’s wife, Sofya Tsygankova may have in fact been responsible for the children’s deaths and her own life threatening injuries.

Told Babcock of the wife’s critical injury: ‘It was critical enough to require surgery,’

‘She is in recovery, but she’s being held on a mental health evaluation.’

Asked if she was a suspect in the girls’ deaths, he declined to say.

‘We are still looking at all avenues,’ he said, but added that authorities don’t believe there’s any immediate risk to others in the area.

29 year-old Kholodenko was born in Kiev, and completed his classical training at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Performing in public since his early teens, his breakthrough came when he won the prestigious Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2013.

Following the breakout of tension between Moscow and Kiev two years ago, Kholodenko moved to Texas, where he performed with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, as well as serving as a headlining guest for orchestras around the world. An upcoming performance scheduled at Fort Worth has now been postponed.

Hospital officials declined on Friday to release a condition on Sofya Tsygankova, who was born in Russia.

Sofya Tsygankova

Sofya Tsygankova

Sofya Tsygankova

Sofya Tsygankova