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Samuel Meixueiro: Cop buys homeless man bike to ease 5 hour daily walk to work

Samuel Meixueiro
How one police officer’s gesture of kindness led to one homeless man’s redemption. Pictured, Samuel Meixueiro.

Samuel Meixueiro of Roeland Park, Kansas has been reduced to tears after police officer Zack Stamper bought the homeless man a bicycle after learning he had to walk five hours each way to work.

The overture reports WDAF came after police received a call over a ‘suspicious person’ lurking around Sweeney Park.

Responding to the call was Roeland Park Officer Zack Stamper who encountered Meixueiro resting on a bench.

From there the man explained he had lost his home after falling on hard times and had been sleeping in a church while keeping up with his job.

Nevertheless in order to keep his job, the homeless man told he was forced to walk five- six hours from Kansas City to Mission and back every day.

It was whilst taking a break before setting out on his way to work that police had been summonsed.

Told Meixueiro: ‘As I told him my story he started loosening up. Started realizing I’m not a vagrant. I have a job. I’m doing the best I can,’

Stamper gave the man a lift to Mission that morning, but his story struck a chord with the officer.

Told the police officer: ‘I was like, wow. My commute, I drive to work and it’s done.’

‘I couldn’t imagine spending five hours a day traveling back and forth to work, let alone on foot.’

To Meixueiro’s surprise, the Kansas cop returned later that day with a bicycle for Meixueiro along with a duffel bag to carry his belongings.

The gesture would lead to Meixueiro breaking down in tears.

Told the grateful man: I cried. I couldn’t believe it,’

Things are so hard for me right now. Any kind of help is just a blessing,’

Meixueiro says the bike meant the world, but what meant more is someone believing in him and his future.

Reflected Stamper: ‘It made my day. It made my career.’

Samuel Meixueiro
Pictured, police officer Zack Stamper and Samuel Meixueiro.

Samuel Meixueiro

police officer Zack Stamper