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Nita Moseley: Why did 15yr old teen son murder his pregnant mom?

Nita Moseley
What led to one 15 year old teen purportedly murdering his pregnant mother? Pictured, Nita Moseley.

A 15 year old La Marque, Texas teenager has been charged with murdering his four month pregnant mother, Nita Moseley, 33.

First degree murder charges against the son comes two days after the mother’s body was found lying on the home kitchen floor in a pool of her own blood Saturday morning when a neighbor dropped by after not having heard or seen the woman for up to five days.

Nita Moseley’s killer son defended by dad: ‘Dealt a bad deck of cards.’

At the time of the mother’s discovery her black 2014 Nissan Maxima was missing. Of question is how long the mother had been deceased when the neighbor dropped by?

The teen son, initially believed to be missing was not present at the time of the friend arriving at the family house was arrested after a weekend manhunt.

Taken into custody Sunday night, the academic teen football player according to a report via the Houston Chronicle was charged Monday morning after interviews with cops.

In a news statement, police said the boy was cooperating with the investigation. 

They believe he acted alone. 

Told the neighbor who found the mother dead via KHOU: ‘Saturday morning, when I drive by and I saw the door open, that’s when I figured something was wrong.

‘I thought maybe someone had broken in the house or something and that’s when I found the unfortunate event that happened.

‘She was four months pregnant. She was pretty happy-go-lucky. Didn’t have a lot of drama in her life.’

The neighbor added that Moseley’s son seemed to be stable.

Reiterated the neighbor, Austin‘Apparently he got really good grades,’ 

‘Smart kid, wanted to play football.’

Adding: ‘She did any and everything for her son,’

‘They got along great. Her son was a good student.’

In latest updates, cops have told the mother’s car has been recovered since detaining her son. To date authorities have declined to release a motive for why or how Nita Moseley came to be killed.

Nita Moseley
Nita Moseley and her son.
Nita Moseley
The family home.

Nita Moseley

Nita Moseley



  1. “dealt a bad deck of cards” hmm, if I had to guess, I’d say the son was distraught that his mom may have slept with one of his high school classmates and they found out, father knew, son was devastated about finding out from either said friend or dad or his own mom as far as his parents marriage being ruined and felt his mom was to blame, probably because she enticed his friend to sleep with her and she got pregnant, all wild speculation on my part, but it’s about the only way I can make sense out of all this… can’t really say she deserved to be murdered, despite her despicable act, and assuming this was the reason, I’d say a better punishment would be for the father to have gotten a divorce and let her raise that kid on her own as punishment and seeing how it’s a possibility that it was with a minor, she would be in a lot of hot water seeing how it would count as pedophilia…

  2. It wasn’t that long ago that the internet was actually a semi-useful tool. Now it’s a teenage narcotic and a suffocating, tangled monstrosity of sponsored content clickbait garbage. ‘Merica!

  3. Actually the son has cooperated with authorities and it’s on this basis that first degree murder charges were levied Monday morning …

    That said I’d be curious to find out where the teen’s father was and who happened to be the father of the unborn baby and how the mother’s pregnancy may have factored in to her son going off the bend?

  4. He could have mental health issues. People who condemn without mercy usually have done something terrible in their own lives.

  5. This is one of those cases that is going to have to be watched. You can not take the written journalistic word as written. This is a case that the writer TRIED to make a sensational story that will sell ad space and copies.

    If you look right above where these comments are, “FILED UNDER: SCANDAL and GOSSIP.

    Yes it is obvious that the mother was killed, the son was not there at the time that the friend stopped by – Door was open – Impression given that she goes by all the time, and it was Saturday Morning that she found the mother dead.

    The son was not home, He PLAYS Football how many players hang out together after a game.

    We do not know the TRUE story, and unless someone who lives in the town wants to keep us posted from personal pursuit of the case,

  6. Its too bad no one has learned that being a Cain is wrong. Re-enacting what he did to Abel is not what he should have done. Her son is a disgrace to the human race. God will punish his ass someday condemning him to hell. And God will punish the police, courts, governments, etc. that think they can play God with peoples lives and freedom by acting like its their right to send people to hell. Our hells being ones that are physical prisons and keeping them open for over a hundred years accomplishing nothing. North America should have shut its demonic prisons down a long time ago along with our government permanently. Our government in North America is what’s wrong with this country and our world.

  7. I can’t help but wonder if he got mommy pregnant. There’s wacky stuff happening out there that it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  8. Four months pregnant and no mention of a father, either for the son or unborn baby. Not justifying what happened, just that possibly this was part of a problem in the household.

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