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Lizette Lopez killed by drunk driver stopping to rescue stranded turtle

Lizette Lopez
How a gesture of kindness cost Lizette Lopez (pictured) her life.

Lizette Lopez, 20 of Sherman, Texas has been struck and killed by a drunk driver on Sunday after pulling over to assist a stranded turtle along Texoma Parkway.

Offered family member Yuseth Johnson via KTEN-News: ‘She saw a turtle on the side of the road, and of course she has a big heart, so they pulled over,’

‘She got out of the car, and then she tried to move it and that’s when she got hit.’

After slamming into Lopez, Clyde Stanbery, 32, lost control of his car and crashed into a ditch nearby on the Texoma Parkway, according to Denison police.

When he appeared outside of his car, witnesses say he was armed with a machete — a weapon he carried while hailing down a passing vehicle.

‘(He) come out, hollering that he needed a ride,’ the driver of that vehicle, Jimmy Criger, told KXII. ‘We stopped at first, and he had a knife, and then (he) slung it inside the window,’

‘He busted the back glass out of my car,‘ he said.

Attempting to escape by foot as responding officers approached, Stanbery was captured and hit with a slew of charges.

Charges against the driver include two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, intoxicated manslaughter with a vehicle, manslaughter, aggravated robbery, accident involving death and aggravated kidnapping.

Grayson County jail records show Stanbery has been previously jailed on charges including evading arrest, drug possession, underage drinking, and driving with an open container.

He is being held on a $115,000 bond.

Stanbery currently remains in the Grayson County Jail in lieu of a $115 000 bond.

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Lizette Lopez

Lizette Lopez

Lizette Lopez
Clyde Stanbery
Lizette Lopez
Texoma Parkway, the scene where Lizette Lopez was struck and killed.
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