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Vincent Gammill, fake doctor prescribes cancer patient $2000 bag of dirt

Vincent Gammill
Did ‘Dr Vincent Gammill’ manage to sell you a bag of dirt for $2000 too?

Vincent Gammill a 69 year old Californian man has been arrested for prescribing phony pills, expired medication, including bags of dirt to cancer patients, having claimed he was a trained oncologist.

Since the man’s arrest, cops are seeking others who may have been caught up in the man’s scam.

The man’s arrest came after he was found to be practicing medicine without a license at a bogus cancer treatment clinic. The best kind to turn up to when your life depends on it, right?

The investigation by the Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit and the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office began last month when a 49-year-old breast cancer woman told authorities of the scam.

It’s believed Vincent Gammill fooled his patients by giving them false hopes, whilst minted thousands of dollars of them along with providing fake treatments.

Yep, I’m feeling better right now, how much sand did you say I ought to snort every morning?

Investigators say Gammill gave the woman, identified as Fern, multiple plastic baggies containing different powders, empty capsules, vials of liquids, commercially produced medications with expired shelf-life dates.

Yummy, more please Vince!

But it gets way better.

Vincent Gammill

Cops also found bottles labeled ‘poison‘ and ‘corrosive‘ together with lab equipment in his office and home, along with several Mexican and Russian prescription drugs, steroids, morphine, Ambien, and about 25,000 other pills. 

Having fought breast cancer for seven years and trying to find alternative treatments for her condition, Fern was initially willing to try the man’s unorthodox approach to treating cancer. 

After finding Gammill’s website, she drove 300 miles to meet him.

After spending two days with him, Fern handed over $2,000 with Gammill in return he prescribed her a bag of dirt and other fake drugs for her cancer condition. 

Other clues things were amiss came when Gammill also told Fern to mix the ingredients prescribed in a frying-pan before putting the mixture into capsules for ingestion. 

After doing so, she claimed to have experienced a burning sensation in her stomach.

In turn, the fake doctor told her ‘that it was good,’ because ‘that meant that the ingredients were working.’

Repeat after Dr Vincent Gammill: ‘Yummy, I want more, here’s my paycheck to do as you will.’

Vincent Gammill

Told Fern via ABC7: I was very upset that there was somebody who’s preying on cancer victims who are desperate to live,’

‘I believed he had an answer to my problems. He was mentioned on the Internet as being a guru and that he could do vaccines,’ 

‘I took one tablet in his office. He instructed me on how to mix it, told me it was very caustic. There was a frying pan that he gave me. He said, ‘Don’t let this get on the desk. It’ll burn a hole through the desk,” 

‘He robbed me of my money, of my time. It was three days driving up, I was away from my children and my family,’ 

The crime unit began investigating Gammill, and found his website where he offered ‘alternative and complementary care for those with cancer, to communicate this knowledge to individuals and practitioners and to provide practical assistance and support to those with cancer.‘ 

Things would come unstuck for the fake doctor after the pharmaceutical crimes unit found no record of Gammill’s medical training or license to practice medicine. 

Gammill is now out over bail and is being accused of practicing medicine and prescribing drugs without owning a license. 

He operated a website and business under the name, Natural Oncology Institute, Inc.

Gammill is booked into the Contra Costa County jail and will be appearing in the Ventura County Superior Court on August 31.

Isn’t it time you tried some home brewed cancer fighting treatment courtesy of Dr Vince too ….?

Vincent Gammill
Pictured ‘Fern’, with her family.

Vincent Gammill

Vincent Gammill
Worth $2000 to you?

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