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Suicidal Chinese man chops off his penis after failing to get over divorce

Suicidal Chinese man chops off his penis divorce
What led to one man’s literal emasculation?

A suicidal Chinese man has cut off his penis and thrown it into a river after failing to get over his divorce in Guangzhou, southern China.

Questioned by authorities, the 41 year old man, Mr Chan in a report via the People’s Daily Online said he cut off part of his penis while heavily intoxicated.

He went on to say that he found his life too difficult after his wife divorced him three years ago.

The man’s attempt at self harm on Friday came to be noticed after passers by at the side of the river happened upon the suicidal man.

Rushed to hospital, doctors told that they could only treat the man’s external wounds because the rest of his reproductive organ was not recovered. 

Mr Chan, who works as a manual laborer, said: ‘I can’t tell what that feeling was. I just felt dizzy and everything was blurry. I don’t even know why it did not hurt at all.’

The injured man was originally from Sichuan, western China.

He and his wife travelled to Guangzhou for work eight years ago and were happy in their marriage to begin with.

Tensions between the pair began to escalate between the pair around five years ago when the man’s wife got a new job working in a bar, leading to the couple fighting.

He said that his wife was disappointed that he hadn’t made enough money, which cause him to drink.

The couple finally divorced three years ago.

The divorcee lamented that he had struggled to get to terms with the divorce: ‘I originally had a house and now I have nothing.

‘My ex-wife got the house in the divorce court and my child followed her as well.’

Mr Chan has now been discharged from hospital following medical treatment.

Suicidal Chinese man chops off his penis divorce


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