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Why did Faigy Mayer leap to her death? Patrons continued drinking.

Faigy Mayer
Why did Faigy Mayer commit suicide?

Faigy Mayer a 30 year old NYC woman Monday night jumped to her death off 20 story building at 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar in the Flatiron district circa 7.30 pm.

The woman’s suicide came as she sprinted towards a row of bushes at the edge of the swanky rooftop bar, in the presence of onlookers, many of whom were unaware that the woman’s imminent death was near as they continued drinking away.

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The woman would go over the wall and land on the sidewalk of West 27th street, 20 stories below.

Offered one witness, Dale Martin via the nypost: ‘I was waking across the street and I saw she was falling,’

‘You can tell it was a lady. She had on shoes and a dress.’

One witness said she ran through a group from a big corporate party before jumping off of the roof. 

Told another witness, Becky Wittemore‘They closed off the section where she jumped from. I think a lot of the people up there had zero clue what was going on.’

Authorities recovered a purse and a backpack, believed to be Mayer’s, from the bar, which calls itself ‘New York’s largest outdoor rooftop garden and fully enclosed penthouse lounge’. 

It is unknown if Mayer was part of the corporate party.

Faigy Mayer

According to Mayer’s facebook profile the woman worked as an iOS developer at Appton and was followed by 164 people.

A recent blog post also documented the journey of Hasidic jews (Mayer’s background) in which the woman had openly chosen to eschew.

Reads one paragraph: Not everyone living in the Hasidic community, though, feels personal and spiritual fulfilment. When growing up in the Belz Hasidic communities of Williamsburg and Boro Park, Brooklyn, Faigy Mayer felt there was more to life than becoming a good Hasidic wife. Faigy has decided to leave the Hasidic community to pursue a secular career in Midtown Manhattan and we see her learning to cope with this transition to the secular world.

Cops believe that Mayer jumped deliberately, but customers said that the 4ft-wide ledge around the roof should raise concern from any partygoer.

Carlos Rodriguez, 51, said ‘they really need to be more careful up there’, where inebriated people can stand so close to the high ledge. ‘There’s nothing to keep you from jumping,‘ 

Adding: ‘I sat at the ledge of the roof and was drunk out of my mind,’

‘I was a blot to sit there and nobody gave a s***.’ 

At present authorities have not been able to discern any motive as to why Faigy Mayer chose to deliberately kill herself and whether she was undergoing existential angst or in the throes of mental illness?

Faigy Mayer

Faigy Mayer

Faigy Mayer

Faigy Mayer



  1. Yossi you speak from pain yet it is sooo funny. Rabbi LOL
    Im secular which is why Faigy sought me out for years.

    and being truthful is opposite of slander.

    there are none so blind….

  2. sadly she didnt “do” much other than survive mental ill ness for a short time

    and bizarrely the news is making a mockery of what was her tortured existence.
    Sadly Faigy had serious and ongoing mental health problems. Many years of many long term psych hospitalizations from late teens until less than a year ago. She did not have any sort of happy life, tortured and uncomfortable in either world ( Hasidic or secular). I laugh at the articles stating she must have been a foodie because she was anorexic and obsessed about posting food pics to seem as if she was eating. See how thin she was? I also feel saddened that she is not remembered as she was, and instead a cartoon, made up by writers assuming things from falsity posted by a mentally ill girl on twitter and facebook.
    Recently she was in a prolonged manic state and was starting to feel the backlash of the many lies she had built up into a false persona. Her “CEO” title was self applied, and her “company” was but a dream and a website. Her degrees and work experience was mostly exaggerated or made up. She wanted so badly to BE a programmer that she went to events and conferences pretending she already WAS in the field. She once said to her father’s family, who did support her (unlike her immediate family who did not),that she wanted to be famous,to be known as another persona..not the real Faigy. She hated herself that much.
    Even in the documentary about leaving Hasidic life, she couldnt tell the whole truth and much untrue was mixed into her story.
    She often said getting good at pretending was better and faster than doing the work.The past several months she worked to build that fake programming, top of the world, “other” Faigy, and then, on a manic medicated state probably thought “what the hell, Im on top and soon to be found out, so Ill jump”..
    I sit here, extended family member, at one time her confidant until her mental illness worsened, disheartened that she hid her turmoil so well that those around her didnt know how much she needed to be saved, I sit here sad that I couldnt do more, but as one of her Drs said to me ” often you cant save a person whose illness is so ingrained, so much a part of their belief”. I hope the world will know, NOT the fake, made up cartoon media has cobbled together from assumptions and untrue snippets, but the REAL Faigy: intelligent, kind, confused , tortured, and deserving of far more than she got.May she rest in peace.

    there is a LOT here and in many of the media outlets thats blatantly UNTRUE
    please dont disrespect who she really was by promulgating the lies.

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