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Devon Staples, 4th of July idiot killed trying to launch fireworks off his head

Devon Staples
How was one man able to acquire fireworks mortar that resulted in his death? Pictured Devon Staples via facebook.

Devon Staples a 22 year old Calais, Maine man has been killed after attempting to launch a firework off the top of his head in yesterday evening’s 4th of July celebrations.

At the time of the incident, Staples, a dog walker and actor at Florida’s Disney World had been setting off fireworks with friends in the backyard of a friend’s home, when the mishap occurred.

Justin Bartek, 4th of July idiot killed trying to light fireworks off his chest

According to Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, Staples had been drinking with friends when he placed a fireworks mortar tube on his head and set it off, in the process mortally injuring himself.

A report via the nydailynews told Devon Staples’ brother Cody describing the incident as a ‘freak accident.’

According to the brother, Devon Staples was holding a lighter which inadvertently made the firework go off accidentally.

Reiterated the brother: ‘I was the first one who got there. There was no rushing him to the hospital. There was no Devon left when I got there,’

‘It was a freak accident. …. But Devon was not the kind of person who would do something stupid. He was the kind of person who would pretend to do something stupid to make people laugh.’

Added the brother of his actor brother, who played such roles as Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and entertain children at Orlando, Florida’s Disney World: ‘He loved it. He loved making people happy,’

Staples death comes after a 47-year-old Michigan man was killed in front of his family on June 28 in a similar incident, with cops saying alcohol was likely a factor there as well, according to a report via USA Today. In that incident the man died after the fireworks mortar he was holding to his head exploded.

Last night’s incident comes after Maine lawmakers in 2011 voted to repeal a 1949 law banning fireworks, reasoning the industry would create jobs and generate additional revenue.

Since Staples death, the state fire marshal conceded there were several non-fatal injuries due to fireworks accidents during 4th of July holiday fireworks.

Maine allows only the sale of consumer fireworks, such as missile-type rockets, helicopters and aerial spinners and bottle rockets.

Devon Staples

Devon Staples

Devon Staples

Devon Staples

Devon Staples



  1. Wow, not only are you a legal expert, you are also a pyrotechnics pro as well? At no time did I tell you Kristi that you “can’t own/use/buy something”. As a matter of fact, I think you should buy all sorts of legal/illegal, untested/tested fireworks and light them all yourself, not just for the 4th of July but for every day because clearly every day is Kristi day and Karma is more of a bitch than I could ever be. Enjoy!!

  2. I guess it takes a moron to know a moron no? Also, who uses dictionaries anymore? Seriously, had I known I was expected to comment as a Rhodes Scholar I would have brushed up on my eloquence before commenting. If the only response you have to my comment refers to my choice of words, then you clearly do not have anything worthwhile to contribute. If you have extra dictionaries to mail out, you must have a phone directory. Just look up my address to mail my free dictionary. Thanks Bunches Lovey!!

  3. You know very well what I mean. Don’t pretend otherwise. People who lack common sense and logic. We all know what group that is. C’mon.

  4. I’ve done plenty of stupid things when I’m drunk. I’m sure I’d generally be regarded as a “smart” or “normal” person otherwise. If I died doing one of those stupid things, I’m sure I’d generally be regarded as a dumbass for whatever act of idiocy I was performing that killed me. That’s what happened here and will continue happening until the end of time.

    Look at it this way. Even though it’s not true, Catherine the great will always be remembered as the woman that died while trying to screw a horse.

  5. Pretty sure it is common knowledge that alcohol impairs judgment. In fact, I remember doing an activity on the direct correlation between the two in 9th grade health class.

  6. “People like this” meaning . . . what? Actors? 22 year olds? Disney employees? How exactly would anyone have made a determination of voter fitness…add a section to the voter registration form that asks whether or not it is safe to detonate fireworks off of one’s face?

    I sure hope you aren’t planning a future in politics because as much as you like to throw around hot-topic political terms, your solution sounds like it came from a five year old.

  7. Yup, it really takes a lot of courage to do what this “author” did. I hope he will be remembered for his bravery and compassion.

  8. So true. There are a million examples, but I can think of one in particular when a friend of mine scaled the side of an apartment building and came through the fourth floor window because the door was locked. I can think of a million rooftop parties in which someone was standing or dangling over the edge.

  9. The Fourth of July is RUINED now! Just ruined. What is the point of celebrating without amateurs setting off asymmetrical, shitty fireworks? My independence means nothing when disappointing explosives cannot shoot horizontally down the street. Wake me up on the fifth.

  10. No one told you that you couldn’t. The mother thinks purchasers ought to be educated before buying explosives. Since when is knowledge punishment?

  11. Good thing he’s the only 22 year old who has done something foolish when drunk.

    I can think of many people doing stupid things when drunk and I’d watch, cringing, because of how dangerous it was. They lived, thrived, prospered and reproduced. They are not regarded as generally “stupid” people.

    Most are lucky. Things happen.

  12. We should ban people like this without common sense and not the
    objects. They should not vote either. Until and unless the leftists
    stop banning things for the majority that use them properly, we should
    ban homo and other deviant sex along with drugs that are far more
    dangerous to society. You ban one groups enjoyment, then you must ban
    everyone’s enjoyment. Fair is fair.

  13. Devon Staples was an idiot. Anyone who would set a firework off of their heard is an idiot.

    People should call idiots, idiots. Maybe more will avoid the mishap he caused if they knew they’d be called an idiot for all time.

  14. He was an idiot for doing what he did and it cost him his life. Others should hear the message loud and clear and will avoid trouble.

  15. *insensitive


    It’s not defamation. It doesn’t meet the legal definition. But rest easy knowing that this young man was indeed a moron and he’s out of the gene pool.

    –Give me your address and I’ll send you a dictionary. Hopefully it arrives before you comment any further.

  16. Then punish the idiot neighbors. Don’t tell me I can’t own/use/buy something because other people are too stupid to function.

  17. Thank goodness someone had the balls to call this guy what he really is. All these bleeding hearts are probably just as stupid as this guy was.

  18. The only person obsessing about children is you. I Am not hiding from anybody hence actually using my FB account like a man. I don’t hide behind retard names and obsessing over strangers. I understand you are alone, more then likely in your mom’s basement taking some hits of meth. I am sure a druggie like you obsess over children all the time you sick pervert. Just listen to the voices and jump off that bridge. Nobody will care.

  19. Every year hundreds are injured or killed. Personally all fireworks which is Dynamite/Black Powder should be outlawed in all 50 states.

  20. I sent your picture and name to the FBI and CPS. Pedophile rapists like you need to be stopped.

  21. @ Christopher Koulouris Nice headline! Not insensitive or anything. This website is complete trash, you’ll should be ashamed of yourselves. RIP Devon.

  22. Yeah, those damn dead people, kids with missing hands, eyes, etc. and of course the families that have to deal with burying their kids, raising a disabled, depressed, teen, or their 7-year-old with only one eye cause the neighbors were having fun; They’re ruining it for everyone!

  23. There is no such thing as a “safe and sane” firework. The chemical components of pyrotechnics validates this. Do you seriously think that this one mans actions, or those of others who have died from fireworks are the reason for banning? How many old people, pet owners, veterans suffering from PTSD, and just plain bitchy people do you think call the Five-0 when someone is lighting anything more than a sparkler? Do you really think the politicians give two shits how many people get injured by fireworks? No, their only concern is how many complaints they get about them, every complaint is a vote. Just telling it.

  24. You seem like an idiot that would set fireworks on one’s head and die.

    P.S Please do that.

  25. It’s not an insensitive headline it’s the truth. Do you know how much effort you have to put in to kill yourself with fireworks. You pretty much have to ignore all common sense and safety warnings. What do you call a person that does this exactly? I completely feel for the family however when someone does something incredibly stupid and dangerous don’t you think they have earned the title of idiot?

  26. I really don’t understand the backlash here. A smart person does not place a lit firework of any magnitude on their head. This guy is in line for a Darwin award right now…and they don’t hand them out to geniuses.

  27. It’s not a “nasty headline” but the truth on how idiots like him ruining the Fourth ofJuly because of their stupidity and are causing cities to ban all types of fireworks because of them.

  28. And that’s why idiots like him are having cities banning all types of firework including safe and sane ones and ruining it for others because of their stupidity!

  29. Idiot Christopher Koulouris is killed after the repeated practice of sneaking into horse stalls and allowing stallions to sodomize him.

    He had no friends but his parents said they were glad that he’s dead and that they should have aborted him when they had the chance.

    Christopher Koulouris is truly a reprehensible f a g g o t.

  30. Oh no, not another “freak” accident where some genius puts an explosive on his head by sheer accident and allows his even more intelligent ass is tant to light it for pure entertainment. The world lost a true genius here. So Sad!!!

  31. I loooove reading the stupid actions of other people in the news before i head out to work. It starts my day off to the right foot.

  32. I am sorry for his family and this happened. However, fireworks are not jokes and that is why there are instructions on each firework because there are gunpowder in them. My best advice is to allow someone not drunk to light them. There are certain fireworks that even as an adult I don’t buy because of the hazards involved. Again I’m sorry for his families loss it can happen in an instant even if you are careful.



  35. Yeah, I remember when I was 22. When I think back on some of the innocent stuff I did back then, I realize I am lucky to still be here. Even the most innocent things can turn ugly in an instant. RIP Devon.

  36. The comments are reprehensible including the Headline. Its so easy to sit at your computer and judge this young man gossip these things to his mothers face. Poor judgement that causes death is Tragic period!

  37. It is sad that this person lost his life…Accordng to the article it says that he put the firework on his head not face and held a lighter up to It.Not intentinally lighting it..Sounds to me he was trying to be funny and it back fired..Yes it went off but according to the article again not intended..It was a dumb prank which lead to his death.. Alcohol was involved which seems to make pranks more doable..Dumb prank which lead to his death but most certainly does not ask for people to call him dumb or stupid..It was a dumb prank… Have a heart and respect for his family who will morn his loss..

  38. This is indeed a sad incident! I don’t understand the need for the nasty headline.

  39. Anyone that voted for Buckwheat…twice…doesn’t have the right to ever call anyone an idiot.

  40. It gets me how such tragedies always mention that alcohol was involved, as if the alcohol, as opposed to an irresponsible act, itself, is what resulted in this man’s death. I am sure many accidents resulting from similar poor judgment have occurred involving sober people, just as many of us who drink don’t put fireworks on our heads after having a few drinks.

  41. I agree with the others who are responding on here. The man may have been careless, but he is still a human being. Avoiding the creator of this content from now on.

  42. i should feel bad a guy died…..but i don’t. after seeing countless idiots on youtube and finding out this guy launched a firework off his face…well…if you were that stupid to shoot it off on your face you deserve your fate. natural selection at it’s finest.

  43. What an ignorant, un-sensitive title to this article! If I were the family I would sue for defamation. You are IDIOTS for believing your articles title about a 22-year-old young man who died recently due to a misfortunate accident would ever be appropriate. We’ve all done things that weren’t works of intelligence when drinking with our friends, celebrating, etc. Christopher, you are the Idiot and a poor example of journalism, even for the internet.

  44. What kind of site is this?

    Insulting Prick Calls Dead Man Idiot for Click Bait

    I mean, I expect commenters to be the dregs of society, but you’re creating content. Have a shred of decency.

  45. Christopher Koulouris calls this guy an idiot, while he gets his punk ass pounded by every aids infected negro in town.

  46. Labeling him an idiot is insensitive. He has loved ones left behind that could see this and they really don’t deserve such hatred. People die everyday doing something when they weren’t thinking things through, it happens to even the smartest people. I suggest you fix this before you hurt people who just lost someone they love

  47. It’s sad for his family and friends but the fact that the fireworks were used improperly had nothing to do with their manufacture.


    Is that your headline? Because it makes you a loser – big time. The guy dies doing something stupid that takes his own life and you define his entire being on that one action. After his death? Where friends and family can see your pussy headline?

  49. “It was a freak accident. …. But Devon was not the kind of person who would do something stupid” This wasn’t a freak accident it was a freak that had an accident.

  50. He may have been drinking and is responsible for his unfortunate demise, but it shouldn’t entitle you label him as insensitively as you have at the title of this report. Shame on you. The fact that you don’t know him doesn’t give you the right. His family and close friends are feeling the loss. You should consider this when you write your articles.

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