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Candy Lo is Timeless: Hong Kong model really 50?

Candy Lo
How did one 50 year old model suddenly find herself becoming a cult favorite? Images via instagram

Causing fissure in the hearts of many old and young men are pictures of 50 year old Hong Kong model, Candy Lo Lam, single mother of one whose new book addressing her well heeled looks has caused mouths to drop open.

Equipped with a flawless and wrinkle free complexion and super trim taut (cellulite free) body it’s hard to believe that Lo is really 50 years old.

In a bid to let fans and readers approximate their own high jinks and zest for youth, the former Miss Asia 1991 has come out with a new book, ‘Timeless’ in which to let you gawk ad infinitum .

Since images of the divorced mother of three made the web, all 3000 copies of the the model’s book have promptly sold out and led to gawkers alike scrambling to the model’s instagram page. 

In bringing her shoot together which sees the exquisite model in an array of intimate and evening wear along with sportive ready to go looks the model admits ‘that no even my friends could recognize me form the pictures.’

What do you think? Did Candy Lo win a genetics trifecta or keep true to good diet, fitness, health and skin care?



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谢谢澳门(彩虹集团)的团队为我挑选高贵大方的服饰!Love this ROBERTO CAVALLI outfit 😍😍

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  1. They’re 2 different person. Yes there are more than one Candy Lo. The one you’re talking about is 盧巧音, a singer. The woman in the article above is a different person.

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