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How Anyone Can Become a Successful Socialite With the Right Tools and Tactics

Become a Successful Socialite With the Right Tools
So how does one go about becoming a successful socialite anyway?

As much as we bemoan gossip and its negative effects, succulent secrets have long been a major industry — just look at how often you visit ScallywagandVagabond. Because the gossip trade only continues to boom, plenty of people are beginning to see the value in becoming professional socialites, earning money seemingly for seeing and being seen. Paris Hilton does it, the Kardashians do it — why can’t you make some money by visiting clubs and special events?

The truth is that being a socialite is actually incredibly expensive. It takes incredible resources and resourcefulness to succeed in a career depended on luxury and leisure, but it certainly isn’t impossible. Here’s what you need to know to jumpstart your lifestyle as a professional socialite.

Make Connections

You won’t become someone if you don’t know anyone. As soon as you know you want to become a socialite, you must start making connections with anybody and everybody. For the best results, you should start making friends in high places as young as high school and college, when your peers are less concerned with avoiding ladder-climbers and more open to making friends. Every environment is an opportunity to make a valuable connection — school, work, vacation — so you should always be prepared to put your best face forward and win people over.

Your socialite career could also receive a boost from a partner or spouse with an established foothold in your desired circles. Though you should avoid marrying for anything other than love, perusing dating sites may put you in contact with desirable singles with useful connections.

Be Interesting

All people, but especially socialites, will be more drawn to you if you are different in one way or another. You may have a noble family history, a harrowing childhood, a fantastic job, or even an outrageous name; it doesn’t matter what sets you apart, as long as you can make that unique aspect of yourself visible. When you are interesting, more interesting people and activities are sure to follow.

Become a Successful Socialite With the Right Tools

Promote Yourself

Confidence is an essential quality for anyone hoping to become a socialite, but diligence must go along with it. You cannot be humble or meek if you want to succeed in the social sphere. Instead, you must spend an overwhelming amount of time devoted to spreading your image far and wide, so it will reach the appropriate circles.

The Web makes the process of self-promotion significantly less complicated. With a running website and a handful of social media accounts — as well as a firm grasp of how to use those accounts to the most potent effect — you should be able to quickly garner a hefty fan following that will boost your reputation into the gossip columns.

Be Sophisticated

Among longstanding socialites who hail from old money, there is a stereotype known as the nouveau riche: Socialites from families new to fortune and fame tend to overspend on luxury and speak openly about wealth, both of which are strict taboos in the upper crust.

To avoid being pigeon-holed, you must act as though you grew up in the same high-society world, which means you must be effortlessly sophisticated. You should buy only from quality designer brands that aren’t obviously expensive, and you should never discuss money with anyone but your accountant.

Give Generously

Donating your money and resources to charitable causes is a crucial step toward becoming a socialite. First, benevolence is one of the highest regarded traits among the upper crust, especially if your magnanimity is genuine. You should do some research and make contact with a handful of organizations you truly believe in. You shouldn’t worry about contributing vast sums to your chosen charities as long as you can establish a rapport with them. Then, you can discuss your charities’ good works with other socialites you meet.

However, perhaps more important, charity events are often the best places to see and be seen by established socialites and other hopefuls like yourself. By making connections with particular charities — like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York — you may be invited to important annual events where you can network with more powerful socialites.

Be Careful

Even for established socialites, scandals are incredibly dangerous. You should strive to remain uncontroversial and scandal-free for as long as possible. Depending on the intensity of the accusation — and your ability to address the situation before it escalates — your socialite career could topple down before you even get a foot off the ground. Every choice you make could impact your future as a socialite, so you should think twice before you act.

Become a Successful Socialite With the Right Tools
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