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Chinese man inserts three inch wide beer glass in his rear to ease constipation, rushed to surgery.

Chinese man inserts three inch wide beer glass in his rectum
How one man came to find himself in a state of bother….

A Chinese man who inserted a three inch wide beer glass into his rectum to ease constipation was rushed to surgery.

According to a report via the  People’s Daily Online the gesture would lead to the unnamed man experiencing an inordinate amount of pain and the urgent need of medics.

Relief would come in the form of three surgeons at Wuxi Central hospital in east China joining forces in dislodging the foreign object through the man’s bottom.

The man told the doctor he had tried to insert the beer glass into his rear, but he didn’t think it would slip into his body.

He was forced to go to the doctor after he started to feel great pain in his body.

A nurse from the Central Hospital said the patient rushed to the Emergency Room and yelled: ‘There is a mug in my body’.

The nurse added he seemed to be in such great pain that his face went completely white.

The man said he had been to one hospital before. They had attempted to remove the glass but failed – and to make things worse, his last doctor cracked the edge of the glass during operation.

Looking out the window, wondering when all the pain, humiliation and drudgery of it all will wither away…?

Central Hospital admitted the patient and immediately arranged an operation. A metal arm, covered with a rubber glove, was used to extract the slippery container.

Extraction of the foreign device required the three surgeons pulling at the offending device in three directions.

Is this really happening to me? Are there really three plastic gloves jutting at my holy interior?

Fortunately the surgeons were able to successfully remove the glass in an hour-long surgery.

Not coincidentally, reports the UK’s dailymail, the beer glass broke as soon as it left the patient’s body due to a forceful movement.

The patient’s doctor Li Chunwei later commented that  he deals with four to five patients every year who stuff unusual objects – ranging from aubergines to wooden rods – in their rectums. Indeed.