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Michael T. Slager support fund: Will you give?

Michael T. Slager support fund
How benefactors have come out in support of Michael Slager despite the evidence of video.

Supporters of North Charleston Police cop, Michael Slager who shot down Walter Scott in the back as he fled have taken to donating money to the Michael T. Slager support fund in anticipation of legal costs the police officer will be expected to meet mounting his defense. 

Dashcam video showed Walter Scott fleeing with no struggle

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Raw Video: Officer Michael Slager shoots dead unarmed black man in the back.

Whilst many have derided the existence of such a fund which now exists on both Indiegogo, Facebook and twitter (@DefendMichaelS) supporters have argued that the Michael Slager was simply doing his job and protecting the community when he ‘resorted’ to violent force. With some supporters believing that the officer should not have to stand trial for murder

Reads one directive: We’re campaigning to show our Support for Officer Michael T. Slager! We believe in all of our LEOs and want to publicly support them!’ 

‘Although he may have made mis-steps in judgement he was protecting the community.’ 

Adding: ‘Michael is a former Coast Guardsman with two stepchildren and a wife who is expecting a child, served for more than five years with the department without being disciplined. Please help in any way you can. He has served five years with the department without being disciplined.’

Michael T. Slager support fund

Nevertheless while supporters may exist, the appetite for such support as of time of press is exceptionally subdued, with an indiegogo fund having only drawn the support of eleven donors to the tune of $192 as of time of publishing. A desired amount of $5000 is stipulated.

Notes a facebook community board with a total of 48 likes supporting the cop: ‘If our actions have mislead anyone let me be clear, this site is to support a man that in our system of justice is innocent until proven guilty. I do not or will not support ANY criminal activity!! We are only lobbying for competent council and a fair trial for a family man who has served his country and community honorably.’

That said dissenters have chimed in.

Told Diane RejmanI just don’t see how much more “proof” anybody needs, after watching a man get shot eight frigging times IN THE BACK. Oh yea – and he was also unarmed. Oh yea – and the cop is shown on the video planting something next to the body. Oh yea – and after eight shots in the back, he still talked to the guy, telling him to roll over, and put frigging handcuffs on him. Handcuffs on a man he just shot in the back. That’s one for the books! I see NO innocence here. I think all police officers should be supporting the fact this guy has been fired, and won’t have a chance to do something like this.

Efforts to raise money for Slager come despite gofundme’s decision to ban a fundraiser on their pages.

In an email to tpm, GoFundMe’s public relations manager, Kelsea Little told the page was removed because it violated the crowdfunding platform’s terms and conditions.

Little would decline to comment how the campaign violated those terms.

Michael T. Slager support fund
Support for Michael Slager was also found on this twitter handle: @DefendMichaelS
Michael T. Slager support fund
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  1. If someone slaps the hell out of you – would you shoot him dead in the back while he’s running away from you? You should be locked up where you can’t hurt anyone. People like you should NEVER be allowed to deal with the public, or especially wear a gun.

  2. Why have you removed all of your support accounts and why has no one made any effort to properly analyze the evidence which clearly shows that Michael Slager was assaulted by Walter Scott and opened fire in defense? Officer Slager should never have been arrested.

  3. This sick SOB should go straight to jail for the rest of his pathetic life where he can be dealt with by someone who has no problem giving him exactly what he deserves.

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