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Will you be sending your nanny and maid to the Jill Wilpon’s Chorz boot camp?

Jill Wilpon’s Chorz housekeeping camp
Isn’t it time you had your nanny/maid learn the finer aspects of how Park avenue really works?

Who knew being an adept and adroit high caliber nanny or maid in the gilded world of Park avenue required a certain level of panache and acquired knowledge? Savoire fare that fortunately NYC’s Jill Wilpon’s Chorz boot camp promises to deliver to your nanny and maid in need.

Explains pagesix: A Park Avenue member of New York’s prominent Wilpon family has launched a high-end boot camp for Manhattan maids and nannies who have “weaknesses” in their work.

Weakness in this instance includes the inability to discern how uber works, how to properly set a table and of course the inability to ‘tell the difference between convection bake or broil’ explains the bootcamp’s instructor, the ever illustrious and well heeled Jill Wilpon, clan member of Park Avenue’s power Wilpon family.

In an effort to get your tethered maid and nanny up to scratch, Jill Wilpon the founder of staffing service Chorz has offered to set aside her Sunday where she has reserved eight slots for willing souls to lift their game.

Naturally this won’t come for free, with the cost of bootcamp set at $150 per piece. Chicken feed money for the high class madam who understands the need to invest in her nanny/maid’s dominant knowledge of how the real world Park Avenue works.

Asked whether there will be takers on Sunday’s upcoming class our collective heroine responds: ‘People are open to it. There’s not one person in this country who isn’t looking to educate themselves, or do a better job.’

Part of me is curious to actually call in and ask if I can attend Jill Wilpon’s class not because I am an aspiring nanny or maid but simply to discern what it is that I too might be missing in life and domesticated affairs.

Surely there’s something I have yet to come to understand when it comes to making sure a house is well run and up to the gilded standard that some of us have come to expect in the money set.

And here’s the zinger that left me breathless.

Reflects our collective doyen of good manners and house chore etiquette: ‘There’s not one person in this country who isn’t looking to educate themselves, or do a better job. If they’re not, they don’t belong in this country.’

What do you think? Will you be sending your irascible nanny/maid along Sunday afternoon or simply ask them to leave the country? Or will you like me be tempted to drop by so as to be able to hold your head high with the knowledge you too understand the difference between a ‘paring knife and a regular knife?’

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