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Five year old Vietnamese girl finds her missing dog sold at a ready cooked stall

Five year old Vietnamese girl finds her missing dog
The loss of innocence…

A five year old Vietnamese girl has experienced the excruciating dilemma of discovering her missing pet dog ending up at a local roast store being slow cooked for human consumption.

The picture of the crying girl at the moment of discovery according to  People’s Daily Online has since gone viral.

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The report tells that the unidentified girl living in the countryside of northern Vietnam where she had raised ‘Flower’ for three years before her dog suddenly went missing.

Despite searching for the dog in vain there would be no sign of Flower until the child passed by a local dog meat stall where she instantly recognized the dog laid out on the street already slow roast cooked.

Responding to the image, social media users have sought an end of the practice of slow cooking pets, where dog meat is considered a delicacy in several Asian countries, including Korea, Vietnam and China.

In response to international outrage, neighboring China said it was clamping down on the illegal street dog meat sellers.

But Vietnam made no such promises.

Many of the delicacies which end up being consumed are believed to usually be stolen from gardens and porches at night in a bid to keep up with unrelenting demand. It is also believed, strapped up pet owners are sometimes resorting to selling pets to make ends meet.

So much for being 5 years old and having one’s innocence forever shattered…

Five year old Vietnamese girl finds her missing dog

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