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Phillip Perea former Fox news employee shoots self dead: ‘You ruined my life’

Phillip Perea
What set off one former Fox news employee which led to him taking his own life?

Phillip Perea a former Fox news employee this morning shot himself dead outside the company’s NY headquarters after accusing the media outlet of ‘ruining his life.’

Firing a concealed handgun, the 41 year old man, originally from Irving, Texas shot himself in the chest just before 9 am outside the building in Manhattan’s midtown.

The former Fox news employee reports the nypost worked for a regional Fox outlet in Austin, Texas as a promotions producer.

Incredulously prior to killing himself in front of horrified bystanders the man had taken to handing out fliers criticizing Fox for having ‘ending my career’  reports the Wall Street Journal.  

Prior to shooting himself, Perea had been asked to leave the grounds by security guards but instead shot himself with a small-caliber pistol.

In critical condition, Phillip Perea was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he mortally succumbed to his injuries.

Said witness, Kris Lew who said she heard the sound of gunfire: heard two shots—’Pop. Pop.’—really quick.’

‘I know what gunshots sound like…It was a thing where I thought to myself,”Those sound exactly like gunshots, but it can’t be, because we’re in Rockefeller Center.”‘

Phillip Perea
youtube video screenshot of videos Perea made condemning his former employer.

Authorities would find what appeared to be a suicide note in Phillip Perea’s pocket. Raising the specter that the former Fox news employee had all along planned to end his life in dramatic fashion.

Prior to his shooting death, Perea had criticized Fox News on his Twitter page(@PhillipPerea73) writing statements such as ‘will be homeless thanks to FOX lies. Is this the America you want?’ 

He also wrote other ‘tomorrow the battle for liberty begins’ as well as tweeting media figures asking them ‘Will you take FOX executives into the no spin zone?’

The man also posted dozens of videos on YouTube (see below) in which he states why he believes he was fired from Fox News last year.

The lengthy clips, uploaded to YouTube between July of last year and Monday morning, have recordings of alleged conversations between Perea and coworkers. 

The most recent video starts with the foreboding intro ‘you can murder a man without killing him’ before segueing into another screen where he claims ‘righteous cause demands a martyr.’ 

Perea states that ‘2014 was the worst year of my life and with a new year it is time for Fox News to have the worst year of its existence’ and that his ‘sacrifice’ is to ‘help everyone.

The Austin Chronicle has since reported that Perea had been suspended from his job for his use of inappropriate language and for not following instructions.

Phillip Perea

 Phillip Perea Phillip Perea Phillip Perea

Phillip Perea



  1. Wasted life. He should have been a lawyer or a debater. Appears the news station had a lot of patience. But maybe they were afraid of what he might do.

  2. When I listened to the audio, Mike Lewis came across as very professional, a straight talker. Remember, he’s in the driver’s seat and what happens in that office is on his shoulders. So if Perea was unstable, it was the GM’s duty to de-escalate the problem and suspend him to get him out of the office to cool things down (yes, it took months for Perea to become violent – suicide is an act of violence – but Lewis had no way of knowing what was really going on in Perea’s head).

    My husband works in an office with an unstable colleague who has been warned numerous times. It makes me afraid for him. I’m not entirely sure that management there has the situation under control, though I know they are trying. I do wish there was a Mike Lewis there, though.

  3. This guy clearly had issues and it wasn’t Fox to blame here, he’s got some insecurities and mental issues if he couldn’t take critiquing of his work. There’s always those passive aggressive types in the office who posture and try and stay on control like the freaks they are, but that’s hardly in the pieces he will show denegrating, and CC’s those are for transparency sake to avoid he said she said.

    Definitely not worth blowing holes in his chest, at least if he were sane. Sorry but offices don’t put up with aggressive jerks who start fires for long. Also blaming News Corp(FNC) is childish, it was a local affiliate. Threatening your boss with a law suit is about as dumb as you can get. I’m sure that got sent up to the home office too and I’d have fired you as well as that’s over the line. Think it, do it if you lose the review, but don’t throw it out there as a cheap threat.

    I’m hearing lots of paranoia and he refused to answer a basic question about an image where he does in fact make the chief look like a goofball. Only a nutbag or a moron would think that picture was ‘nice’ as that was the usual image I’d think on a site that doesn’t care for the individual to look stupid.

    Sorry it’s not bullying when you crap over public figures and dodge answering questions about various things, and then threaten a lawyer on your boss. That’s called covering your ass, not being a bully. The firing if he’s right was a reach around to another reason to can him, maybe it was, but given past behavior with public figures embarrassing that person and the station you had it coming.

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