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NJ mother sets newborn baby on fire in middle of road. ‘I’m just burning dog waste.’

NJ mother sets newborn baby on fire
Why did one mother set her newborn baby on fire in the middle of a NJ street?

NJ mother, Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier, 22 has been charged with the murder after setting her newborn baby girl on fire in the middle a Pemberton Township street, Simontown Road.

Horrified witnesses told the woman ‘calmly poured’ flammable liquid on the newborn child circa 11pm Friday night before then dousing  the ensuing flames with a water bottle.

Approached by a resident,  Dorvilier claimed she was simply burning dog waste.

Reiterated a stunned resident, Dave Joseph, 45 who watched as Dorvilier get out of her car and proceeded to calmly set her child on fire : ‘Her demeanor was calm,’

‘She knew what she was doing.’

Soon after the mother would attempt to flee after Joseph’s wife took to screaming after realizing what the mother had just done.

NJ mother sets newborn baby on fire
David Joseph (Image source: Burlington County Times screengrab)

Arriving paramedics would rush the badly burned child by helicopter to St Christopher’s Children’s hospital where it would later be declared dead.

The child’s mother in turn was hospitalized at Deborah Heart and Lung Center, and is now in custody at Burlington County Correction and Work Release Center on $500,000 bail.

Prosecutor Robert Bernardi has declined to comment on whether Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier has a criminal record or if she has been involved with child welfare officials.

In New Jersey, the law allows a distressed parent who is unable to care for an infant to give up custody of a baby less than 30 days old safely, legally and anonymously, as long as the child has not been abused. The person can do so without fear of prosecution. All that is required is that the baby be brought to a hospital emergency room or police station in New Jersey, according to the law.

NJ mother sets newborn baby on fire