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Chronograph watches – all you need to know.

Chronograph watches
Why I have been thinking about finally getting myself a chronograph watch …

Chronograph watches are those that have more than just one simple display. They often have other means of showing the time, whether it be the date or with a stopwatch, and have some of the most striking designs with smaller dials within the watch face. Here are some of the most noteworthy features of chronograph watches and the brands that do it so well.

It all began in sport

Watches like these were originally designed to record sporting events such as motor racing and one was even use to record important data for the Apollo 13 mission in 1970.

The recorded time can be read from sub-registers. They record the elapsed seconds, minutes and hours. In almost all cases, the large second hand is the chronograph hand while the normal seconds are shown in one of the sub-registers.

The ultimate in craftsmanship

Watch makers are some of the most sought-after luxury brands. So much time and effort goes into creating beautiful timepieces, from researching the materials that make up the constituent parts of the watch, to the carefully designed faces and straps that continue to be leaders in the fashion market.

Watches follow their own trends but are definitely influenced by the clothes and designers we see on fashion catwalks around the world. Of course, prices can range greatly but having a designer watch need not be expensive – check out examples of Michael Kors at Tic Watches for some eye-catching models which won’t break the bank.

Beautiful sport watches

Watches such as the Rolex Sea-Dweller are perfect for anyone who appreciates beauty, fine craftsmanship and a depth range perfect for swimmers and divers.

There’s also the stunning and complex Zenith El Primero, the watch has a light carbon fibre case, a beautiful face and a number of sub-dials made from a range of luxury materials.

There are so many watch makers out there who make watches for racing. While new technology has given way to digital timing methods, watches still play a big part in motorsport with brands like Tag Heuer and Rolex having sponsored the pinnacle of the sport over the years, Formula One.

Part of popular culture

Whether it was Paul Newman wearing the Rolex Daytona on the cover of a magazine or the wealth of rappers and popstars who sport the latest timepieces in music videos, watches are a huge part of pop culture.

James Bond has also been spotted wearing all sorts of chronograph watches including a Rolex Chronograph 6238 in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service or the Omega Seamaster seen on Pierce Brosnan’s Bond.

Practical and stylish

The chronograph is more than just a style statement, there’s an element of practicality to having a stopwatch on your wrist at all times. You might need to time how long dinner is in the oven or how long you have to get from A to B. Chronograph watches also tend to be of superior technology, meaning they tend to keep the time fantastically well.

Even if a chronograph isn’t your style, you can’t deny the skill of the people who make these watches and the style they bring to the fashion world.