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Klaudia Wysocka, Polish model gassed to death after taking bath.

Klaudia Wysocka
Who bears culpability in the death of Polish model, Klaudia Wysocka?

Klaudia Wysocka a Polish model has been gassed to death whilst taking a bath after a faulty boiler filled the bathroom with carbon monoxide.

The model and part time student’s death came after moving to local town, Olsztyn near her home of Goldap in north eastern Poland to study microbiology.

At the time of the 23 year old’s discovery she was found slumped in the bathtub by roommates who became worried after knocking on the the bathroom door an hour after she had gone in and had not received a reply.

According to a report via the UK’s dailymail the model would be found unconscious after the roommates broke down the door. Attempts by the roommates and the boyfriend to resuscitate the model would not lead to the student regaining consciousness despite being rushed to hospital.

Told Magda Miechowicz, 22: ‘She was so full of life and had so many ambitions.

‘She wanted to be a model but was incredibly intelligent and also wanted to fight against viruses and bacteria so people could lead healthier lives.

‘We had complained about the gas boiler and our landlord said he would fix it.

‘Unfortunately, that has come too late.’

Reiterated a hospital spokesman: ‘She died of carbon-monoxide poisoning because of the faulty gas heater.’

A fire brigade spokesman warned: ‘Carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless and tasteless.

‘It can be produced by appliances and will be deadly if in a confined space such as a small bathroom in which the door is closed and locked.

‘It stops the body being able to absorb oxygen, eventually leading to death.’

At present it is not understood if the homeowner is culpable for the death of  Klaudia Wysocka.

Klaudia Wysocka

Klaudia Wysocka

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